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Thu, Aug 24, 2023 11:31 AM

Stakeholders Call for Senate President's Resignation Over Insensitive Remarks

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Stakeholders Call for Senate President's Resignation Over Insensitive Remarks
Stakeholders under the aegis of Niger Delta Women League (NDWL) have called for the resignation of Senate President, Godswill Akpabio, over insensitive remarks he made during a plenary session. The women league expressed disappointment at Akpabio's comments, stating that they added insult to the economic injuries of the Nigerian people, especially in the midst of prevailing economic hardships.

ABUJA - Stakeholders under the aegis of Niger Delta Women League (NDWL) have called on the President of the Senate, Godswill Akpabio, to resign over pronounce­ments he made while pre­siding over plenary at the Red Chamber.

The women said by mak­ing remarks such as "let the poor breath, as well as tell­ing lawmakers that tokens have been sent to their bank accounts for use during the ongoing recess," the Senate President "has desecrated the hallowed chambers by adding insults to the economic inju­ries of the Nigerian man on the streets."

The NDWL in a statement on Wednesday regretted that though he came to the Senate "with so much baggage," and ought to make a difference, Senator Akpabio has failed to "break from his checkered past."

It added that "given the prevailing economic hard­ship foisted on the common man by an indiscretion fuel subsidy removal, without nec­essary measures on ground to cushion the adverse ripples therefrom, Akpabio's un­guarded statements comes wielding the gavel to seal a celebration of an elite 10th Senate over the sufferings of the masses."

The statement which was signed by the National President, Hon. Sheila Abi­ye Tamuno, Ajemina Gobo, the Rivers State Coordinator, and other executives, regret­ted that "with all economic indicators going through the roof, the Nigerian situation may soon be comparable with the great German depression of 1931.

"With no purchasing pow­er, value and even the right to basic living conditions, Akpa­bio feels it is the best time to tell us how they are entitled to go on an enjoyment spree off our National purse, while Nigerians are told to endure."

The statement further reads, "At a time when a li­tre of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) soars above #617, the dollar queerly sending the naira on a free fall, breaking all previous records and cross­ing the #1000 mark with no de­fense actions from the Central Bank Of Nigeria, inflation is at a whooping 24%, electricity generation at an all time low Of less than 3,700MW, electric­ity tariff threatening another 50% increase thereby shoot­ing cost of living beyond the reach of the Nigerian masses."

Calls for Resignation

In light of these concerns, the Niger Delta Women League (NDWL) is urging Senate President Godswill Akpabio to step down from his position. They argue that his remarks and actions have only further worsened the economic hardships faced by Nigerians.

Akpabio's comments, such as "let the poor breath," have been seen as insensitive and out of touch with the reality on the streets. The Senator's promise of sending tokens to lawmakers during the recess also drew criticism, as it appeared to prioritize the elite's enjoyment over addressing the needs of the masses.

The NDWL, in their statement, expressed disappointment in Akpabio's failure to distance himself from his checkered past and bring about positive change in the Senate. They believe that given the economic impacts of the fuel subsidy removal and lack of measures to mitigate its effects, Akpabio's statements have only served to celebrate the elite's prosperity while neglecting the suffering of the common man.

Economic Hardships

The current economic situation in Nigeria has been a cause for concern, with multiple indicators showing alarming trends. The cost of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) has skyrocketed above #617 per litre, further burdening the already struggling citizens. The exchange rate has also been unfavorable, with the dollar reaching record highs and the naira experiencing sharp depreciation.

Furthermore, inflation has reached a staggering 24%, making it increasingly difficult for Nigerians to afford basic living expenses. Electricity generation remains low, disrupting economic activities and increasing the cost of living. The potential 50% increase in electricity tariffs will exacerbate the situation, pushing the cost of living even further out of reach for the average Nigerian.

Resignation as a Solution

The Niger Delta Women League believes that Senator Akpabio's resignation would be a crucial step towards addressing the economic challenges faced by Nigerians. By stepping down, the Senate President would demonstrate accountability and acknowledge the impact of his insensitive remarks.

The NDWL, along with other concerned stakeholders, is calling on Akpabio to prioritize the interests of the Nigerian people and work towards implementing effective measures to alleviate their economic hardships. Only through genuine dedication and empathy can the nation progress and provide a better future for its citizens.

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