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Thu, Jul 27, 2023 5:25 PM

ECOWAS Commits to Collaboration with UN Women for Women's Empowerment in West Africa

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ECOWAS Commits to Collaboration with UN Women for Women's Empowerment in West Africa
The Vice-President of the ECOWAS Commission, H.E. Mrs Damtien L. Tchintchibidja, met with a delegation from the UN Women Representation in Nigeria to discuss collaboration and synergy in promoting women's empowerment in West Africa. The meeting focused on areas such as gender data collection, mainstreaming gender, women's leadership, and technical cooperation between ECOWAS and UN Women.

Lagos, Nigeria - The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) is set to strengthen its partnership with UN Women to empower women in the region. In a meeting held at the ECOWAS Commission headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria, the Vice-President of the Commission, H.E. Mrs Damtien L. Tchintchibidja, welcomed a delegation led by Mrs Beatrice EYONG, the UN Women Representative to Nigeria and ECOWAS.

During the meeting, Mrs Beatrice EYONG highlighted the ongoing initiatives of UN Women and explored areas of collaboration with ECOWAS. One of the key points of discussion was the renewal and update of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between the two organizations in 2019, which expired in 2022.

Ms. EYONG emphasized several areas of potential collaboration, starting with supporting ECOWAS in building institutional capacity for the collection and processing of gender-related data. This would enable better monitoring and analysis of gender disparities and progress in the region.

Closely related to data collection, the UN Women Representative also stressed the importance of strengthening the mainstreaming of gender across ECOWAS and its member states. By embedding gender considerations into policies, regulations, and decision-making processes, the aim is to ensure greater gender equality and inclusivity.

The Women, Peace, and Security Agenda was another area highlighted by Ms. EYONG. ECOWAS plays a significant role in conflict prevention, resolution, and peace-building efforts, and UN Women seeks to support the region in strengthening the involvement and leadership of women in these processes.

Furthermore, the delegation discussed the need to enhance women's political participation and their representation in peace and security processes. ECOWAS and UN Women will work together to foster women's empowerment in the political arena while also addressing barriers that hinder their access to leadership positions.

In terms of technical cooperation, ECOWAS can benefit from the expertise and resources of UN Women. Sharing knowledge and best practices, developing joint programs, and promoting capacity-building opportunities will be vital for sustaining gender equality efforts in West Africa.

Speaking on behalf of ECOWAS, H.E. Mrs Damtien L. Tchintchibidja reaffirmed the organization's commitment to women's rights and empowerment. ECOWAS has existing programs focused on protecting women's rights, promoting their socio-economic inclusion, and ensuring their participation in peace, security, and humanitarian actions.

The meeting concluded with Mrs EYONG expressing UN Women's readiness to collaborate with ECOWAS in mobilizing resources and conducting high-level advocacy to advance women's human rights and empowerment in the region.

As ECOWAS and UN Women join hands, the prospects for women's empowerment in West Africa grow stronger. The collaboration is expected to generate positive impacts in gender equality, women's leadership, and holistic development throughout the region.

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