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Fri, Sep 1, 2023 12:20 PM

Africa's Road to Electric Vehicle Adoption Faces Challenges, Says Stallion Motors GM

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Africa's Road to Electric Vehicle Adoption Faces Challenges, Says Stallion Motors GM
The General Manager of Stallion Motors (Nigeria) Ltd, Amit Sharma, has stated that Africa's transition to electric vehicles (EVs) may be hindered by several challenges. These challenges include the lack of a supportive legislative environment, insecurity, and the absence of a well-developed charging infrastructure. Sharma emphasized the need for political will and protective measures to help incentivize the adoption of new vehicle technologies. He also highlighted Nissan's efforts in addressing some of these issues with their E-POWER solution.

Africa's journey towards embracing electric vehicles (EVs) faces numerous obstacles, according to Amit Sharma, the General Manager of Stallion Motors (Nigeria) Ltd. Speaking at the yearly training capacity building of the Nigeria Auto Journalists Association (NAJA), Sharma highlighted the challenges and potential solutions to drive EV adoption in the continent.

Sharma emphasized the importance of a supportive legislative environment and political will to incentivize the transition to new vehicle technologies. He also stressed the need for protective measures to safeguard the investments of importing companies in the automotive sector.

In addition to legislative support, Sharma identified the lack of a well-developed charging infrastructure as a significant impediment to EV adoption. Without a reliable network of charging stations, importing EVs becomes costly, and range anxiety becomes a significant concern for potential buyers.

To address these challenges, Sharma highlighted the efforts of Nissan, which has been developing vehicles like the Nissan Navara to overcome the obstacles to EV adoption in Africa. He explained that Nissan's E-POWER solution offers an alternative to purely electric engines by leveraging a smaller internal combustion engine to generate electricity. This technology combines the benefits of electrification, such as torque and performance, with the elimination of range anxiety.

Sharma pointed out that for EV policies to be effective, they should cover aspects such as duties, tariffs, and the establishment of charging infrastructure. He called for a roadmap to be developed to guide the development of charging infrastructure in the continent.

Despite the challenges, Sharma underscored that vehicle electrification is the inevitable future of mobility worldwide. EVs have the potential to provide safe and innovative mobility solutions, including addressing the specific challenges faced in Africa.

In conclusion, Sharma expressed Nissan Nigeria's anticipation of a legislative environment that promotes safe and accessible mobility solutions for all Nigerians. While the road to electric vehicle adoption in Africa may be challenging, Sharma's remarks shed light on the necessary steps and considerations to accelerate the transition towards a greener transportation sector.

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