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Evidence Before Election Petition Court Will Give Atiku Victory - Loyalist

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Evidence Before Election Petition Court Will Give Atiku Victory - Loyalist
A loyalist of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, presidential candidate of the PDP, has stated that the weight of evidence before the Election Petition Court will result in victory for Atiku in his case against President Bola Tinubu. Atiku's legal team has called for justice to be dispensed and emphasized that Nigerians and the international community are watching the proceedings.

FCT, Abuja - Timothy Osadolor, a loyalist of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has expressed confidence that "the weight of evidence" before the Election Petition Court will hand victory to the former vice-president.

Osadolor, a member of the National Working Committee (NWC) of the PDP and Deputy National Youth Leader of the party, made this statement during a recent report by The Punch. Along with Osadolor, a member of Atiku's legal team, Mike Ozekhome, has also urged the tribunal to dispense justice on the case filed by Atiku against President Bola Tinubu.

According to the law, the tribunal is required to deliver its judgment within 180 days after the filing of the petitions by the aggrieved candidates. As Atiku challenges Tinubu's victory, the Nigerian and international community are keeping a close eye on the proceedings.

Ozekhome emphasized the need for justice to prevail, urging the tribunal to rise above any intimidation or pressure from the executive branch. He reminded the tribunal that Nigerians, the international community, and the entire world are observing this significant case.

The petitions filed by Atiku and Peter Obi of the Labour Party (LP) challenging President Tinubu's electoral victory are nearing their conclusion. The Presidential Petition Court sitting in Abuja is set to deliver the judgment on Wednesday, September 6.

AIT (Africa Independent Television) received notice of the judgment, which was communicated by the secretary of the PEPC panel, Josephine Ekperobe.

In light of the upcoming judgment, the anticipation and stakes are high for both Atiku and Tinubu. The outcome of this case will undoubtedly have a significant impact on Nigerian politics and the aspirations of these two prominent figures.

As the Election Petition Court prepares to deliver its judgment, all eyes are on the evidence presented and the credibility of the legal arguments put forth. It is a critical moment for justice to be served, ensuring a fair and transparent democratic process.

Whatever decision the tribunal makes, it will have far-reaching consequences, shaping the political landscape and potentially setting precedents for future electoral disputes in Nigeria. The hopes and expectations of both the local population and the international community are firmly placed on the tribunal's ability to render an impartial and just judgment.

This case serves as a pivotal moment for the Nigerian judiciary to demonstrate its commitment to upholding the rule of law and preserving the integrity of the democratic process. Everyone involved should prioritize the search for truth and fairness, putting the interests of the nation above any personal or political agenda.

As the verdict draws near, all parties involved should be prepared to accept the outcome, ensuring a peaceful transition regardless of the result. The stability and progress of Nigeria as a democratic nation depend on the ability of its leaders, both present and aspiring, to respect the rule of law and embrace the principles of democracy.

Ultimately, the fate of Nigeria's democracy lies in the hands of its citizens and their willingness to accept the decisions of the judiciary. It is crucial for everyone to demonstrate a commitment to the democratic process and work towards building a stronger and more inclusive Nigeria.

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