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Fri, Sep 1, 2023 11:15 PM

Young Nigerians to Connect With Mentors Through New Mentorship Program

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Young Nigerians to Connect With Mentors Through New Mentorship Program
A group of young Nigerians is launching a new mentorship program aiming to connect ambitious individuals with experienced professionals. The program, set to launch virtually in September 2023, focuses on fostering personal and professional growth, creating a supportive community, and promoting continuous learning. Through this mentorship initiative, young Nigerians will have the opportunity to connect with mentors who will provide guidance, skill enhancement, and collaboration opportunities to help them achieve their goals and make a positive impact in their chosen fields.

Lagos - A group of young Nigerians is set to connect youths across Nigeria with mentors who will offer and equip them with the necessary exposure in their chosen fields to achieve their full potential.

The mentorship program, scheduled for virtual launch on Wednesday, September 6, 2023, is committed to fostering personal and professional growth, developing a supportive community, and promoting continuous learning, as explained by Jadesola Lagoke, the Managing Director of Jadegate Nigeria Limited, the group behind the initiative.

This mentorship program aims to connect experienced professionals with ambitious individuals in order to foster personal and professional growth. The group believes in empowering individuals to achieve their goals, develop new skills, gain confidence, and contribute positively to society.

The vision of the program is to provide a supportive and enriching platform for individuals, enabling them to capitalize on their true potential, become leaders in their respective fields, and positively impact the world around them.

Through this mentorship program, young Nigerians will have access to a range of opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange. The program will enhance their skills, expand their networks, and encourage self-reflection.

The mentorship program will offer regular workshops, seminars, and webinars focused on relevant topics to encourage continuous learning and skill enhancement for both mentors and mentees. The aim is to create a supportive community of mentors and mentees, fostering peer-to-peer collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and networking opportunities through organized events and online platforms.

Aspiring mentees will be required to complete an application process, including the submission of a resume and a statement of purpose. The selection process will take into consideration the goals, values, and compatibility of potential mentors with the mentees.

The mentorship program will closely monitor the progress and success of the mentorship relationships through regular surveys, feedback sessions, and periodic performance assessments. This will ensure that the program is making a positive impact on the mentees' personal and professional development.

The launch of this mentorship program provides an exciting opportunity for young Nigerians to connect with experienced professionals who can guide and support them in their journey towards success. With the focus on personal and professional growth, collaboration, and continuous learning, this program has the potential to empower individuals and drive positive change in Nigeria's youth.

The young Nigerians behind this initiative are taking a proactive approach to creating opportunities for mentorship and skill development. Through their efforts, they are building a strong foundation for the next generation of leaders and professionals in Nigeria.

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