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Sun, Jul 23, 2023 7:10 PM

Oyo State Athletes Plead for Cash Rewards Amidst Delay

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Oyo State Athletes Plead for Cash Rewards Amidst Delay
Oyo State athletes recently stormed the Governor's office to beg for the release of the cash rewards promised to them for their participation in various sporting events. The athletes expressed frustration over the delay and believed that some officials were intentionally withholding the funds. They submitted a formal letter to the Governor, highlighting their plight and pleading for swift action.

In a desperate plea for their well-deserved cash rewards, athletes representing Oyo State at various sporting events recently gathered at the Governor's office in Ibadan. Frustrated by the unexplained delay, they hoped that Governor Seyi Makinde would intervene and expedite the disbursement process.

Speaking anonymously, several athletes lamented the poor state of their welfare and expressed their gratitude to the Governor for announcing unprecedented rewards for their achievements. The athletes, however, suspected that some government officials were deliberately prolonging the payment process.

The situation took a positive turn when Mr. Sunday Odukoya, the Special Adviser to the Governor on security, interacted with the athletes during their visit. He advised them to put their concerns in writing and formally submit a letter to capture the attention of Governor Makinde.

One of the athletes spoke passionately, saying, "This reward package is what we always relied on to better our lives, and our governor has done well by announcing the kind of rewards no governor has done before in the history of the state for us. But since February, when Governor Seyi Makinde made the announcement, we are yet to receive our well-earned rewards. We are now urging the accountant general of the state to assist us in this matter."

According to reliable sources within the government secretariat, the reward package is substantial. Gold medalists will receive a commendable sum of N1 million each, silver medalists will be offered N500,000 each, and even bronze medalists will receive N300,000 each.

In an unprecedented move, athletes who represented the state but did not secure medals will also be given a consolation prize of N250,000 each. This gesture marks a significant milestone in the history of Oyo State and demonstrates the governor's commitment to recognizing and appreciating the efforts of all athletes, irrespective of their results.

The delay in disbursing the cash rewards has left athletes grappling with financial uncertainty. These rewards are not merely financial incentives but also a means for athletes to improve their lives and invest in their futures. The frustration stemming from the delay is understandable, as athletes rely on timely disbursement to plan for their financial stability.

The athletes' visit to the Governor's office was a powerful display of unity and determination. By submitting a formal letter signed by all the aggrieved athletes, they hope to draw the Governor's attention to their plight and expedite the release of the funds.

As the athletes' plea echoes through the corridors of power, Oyo State's governing bodies must understand the importance of promptly fulfilling their promises. The financial well-being of these athletes, who have tirelessly represented the state, should be considered a top priority.

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