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Fri, Sep 8, 2023 9:55 PM

CNPP Calls for Calm and Urges Aggrieved Parties to Approach Supreme Court

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CNPP Calls for Calm and Urges Aggrieved Parties to Approach Supreme Court
Conference Of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP) has urged politicians and their followers to remain calm and law abiding following the judgment delivered by the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal (PEPT). The CNPP emphasized the importance of the judiciary as the last hope of the common man and urged aggrieved parties to explore further legal options, including approaching the Supreme Court.

The Conference Of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP) has reacted to the judgment delivered by the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal (PEPT), calling for calm and urging aggrieved parties to further approach the Supreme Court, which is the next legal option available.

In a statement signed by its Deputy National Publicity Secretary, James Ezema, the CNPP urged politicians to discourage their followers from engaging in any act that is capable of causing a breach of public peace.

The umbrella association of all registered political parties and political associations in the country noted that "the best option for all citizens remains the judiciary no matter how much faith we may have lost in the justice system in Nigeria.

"The Presidential Election Petition Tribunal sitting in Abuja has in her wisdom delivered its judgment. It's left for the petitioners to review the verdict and further explore other legal options if aggrieved in any way.

"The CNPP, therefore, urges politicians in the country to persuade their followers to remain calm and law-abiding while such legal options are explored.

"No matter how we perceive the legal system in the country, the judiciary remains the last hope of the common man.

"Any attempt to resort to self-help will spell doom for the country as it would make anarchy a norm, which is capable of bringing down the roof on all," the CNPP advised.

The judgment delivered by the PEPT regarding the 2019 presidential election has inevitably generated mixed reactions from different political camps and Nigerians at large. While some hail the judgment as a validation of the election outcome, others believe that justice has not been effectively served.

The CNPP's call for calm and adherence to the legal process reflects the need for a peaceful resolution to political disputes. The association recognizes that while faith in the justice system may vary among citizens, resorting to self-help or inciting violence will only undermine the democratic principles on which the nation stands.

Politics in Nigeria, as in any country, can be highly divisive, and it is essential for leaders and politicians to exercise restraint and ensure their followers do the same. By maintaining calm and advocating for peaceful means to seek redress, the CNPP shows a commitment to democracy and the rule of law.

Approaching the Supreme Court is a legitimate legal option available to aggrieved parties, and it allows for a further review of the verdict. The CNPP rightly emphasizes that regardless of any dissatisfaction with the justice system, the judiciary remains the last hope for citizens seeking justice.

As the journey through legal channels continues, it is critical for the country's politicians to play their part in promoting peace and enabling a fair and transparent process. Encouraging their followers to remain law-abiding ensures that the pursuit of justice does not devolve into chaos.

The CNPP's statement serves as a reminder that peaceful resolution of disputes is crucial for societal harmony. It highlights the importance of respecting the judiciary's decisions and utilizing the available legal avenues rather than resorting to violence or taking matters into one's own hands.

In a society where divisions can run deep, the CNPP's call for calm is a timely one. It reinforces the message that the judiciary, flawed as it may be perceived, still holds the key to justice and democracy in Nigeria.

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