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Playwork's Internet Promotion Program in Nigeria - Bringing Local Businesses into the Digital Age

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Playwork's Internet Promotion Program in Nigeria - Bringing Local Businesses into the Digital Age
Playwork, the parent company of, is proud to announce its internet promotion program in Nigeria. Through this program, we aim to offer free technology support to ten local individuals or businesses, ranging from designing and developing new projects to upgrading existing ones and providing technical support for innovative ideas. This program intends to bring local businesses into the digital age, ensuring they have the necessary technology infrastructure to compete in today's global market.

Dear Entrepreneurs and Business Owners,

Playwork, the parent company of, is pleased to announce our internet promotion program in Nigeria. We believe that Nigeria's entrepreneurial spirit is an inspiration to the world. We want to support and bring your local businesses to the forefront of the global market by providing free technology support.

Our program focuses on supporting local entrepreneurs in designing, developing, and deploying new projects, upgrading existing ones, providing technical support for innovative ideas, and enabling offline businesses to move online. We believe that technology can transform the way your business operates and bring new possibilities to your customers.

Through our program, we aim to empower local businesses and entrepreneurs to compete globally by providing them with advanced technical resources. Our aim is to enhance their market positioning and help them create a sustainable impact for their communities. At Playwork, we see this project as a way of giving back to the community, fostering growth and innovation so that entrepreneurs can bring their vision to life.

We encourage local individuals and businesses to take advantage of this opportunity and apply for our program. Our team of experts will select ten candidates based on their vision for their projects' impact, sustainability, and scalability.

To apply for this program, please register on and send an email to [email protected] containing your username, full name, contact number, email address, project overview, and the specific technical support you require. After initial screening, successful applicants will receive an email with the next steps for further auditing and a consultation period before we collaborate on the project's execution.

The program's deadline is December 31, 2023. We value transparency and want to ensure all applicants are informed of the program's conditions and requirements. As such, we retain the right to interpret and modify the program's rules.

Thank you for considering Playwork's internet promotion program, and we look forward to supporting your efforts to bring your local business into the digital age.


Playwork Team 

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