Wed, May 3, 2023 1:18 PM

Ekpa reacts to attacks on Igbos, demolition of houses in Lagos

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Ekpa reacts to attacks on Igbos, demolition of houses in Lagos
Ekpa reacts to attacks on Igbos, demolition of houses in Lagos- INV NO: 1127-042...

Ekpa reacts to attacks on Igbos, demolition of houses in Lagos- INV NO: 1127-04252023-02 Simon Ekpa, a popular pro-Briafra agitator, Separatist has reacted to the alleged lynching of business people in different locations in Lagos

He also condemned the demolition of the properties of Igbos in Ajao Estate

In a statement on Tuesday by the self-styled Prime Minister of the Biafra Republic Government in Exile, Ekpa called for togetherness among Igbos

He believes Igbo Nations should never abandon their Kinsmen in troubled times

See full statement: “The attention of the Biafra Republic Government In-Exile has been drawn to three different cases of lynching of Biafra Businessmen in different locations in Lagos after being accused of witchcraft by Fulani Okada rider

In addition to the ongoing demolition of Biafra-owned houses in Ajao Estate

“We wish to remind you of all of the popular sayings of our people, “Onye aghala nwanne ya” meaning, do not abandon your kinsperson, especially in times of trouble

Synonymous with that is “O nuru ube nwanne agbala oso,” which means that when you hear the screaming of your kinsperson, do not run in the opposite direction or pretend like you do not care

Another proverb is “Igwe bu ike,” which means we are stronger

“If you are from anywhere within the Old Eastern Region of Nigeria, even though Nigeria segmented and divided you into different states and chiefdoms, you are one person

When the chips are down, Nigeria will treat all of you as Igbos

In Nigeria today, if you are neither a Northerner nor a Yoruba, you are seen and treated as an Igbo

“Based on the events unfolding after the recently concluded rigged Nigerian general election (“Selection”) and the Biafra-phobia in Nigeria, there have been concerted efforts between Yorubas (in Lagos State) and Fulanis (Northerners) to exterminate the people of the Old Eastern Region (Biafra)

The Old Eastern Region’s markets, homes, and businesses have been burnt down

The Yorubas in Lagos and the Fulanis have now graduated into lynching Easterners, including beating, clubbing and burning them to death

“Remember the prelude to the Nigeria / Biafra war

Easterners (Biafrans), do not let history repeat itself

To be forewarned is to be forearmed

“Some of you still insist and believe in One-Nigeria, despite Nigeria showing you all that you are their slaves with no fundamental human rights

They also show you that you do not have a right to life

Do you still insist on One-Nigeria

The decision is yours

“We write to tell you all to join together

Never sit or watch your fellow Easterner killed, his shop burnt, or any maltreatment happens to your kinsperson while you do nothing

When you see your fellow Easterner being beaten, do not just use your camera and become a reporter – join the fight to rescue your kinsperson

It would help if you fought back

Take back your dignity

If you do not get down to the trenches, fight dirty, and defend yourselves now, you will all regret it now and later

Fight back the terrorists terrorizing you in your supposed One-Nigeria

When you survive, you will choose to become the Biafran you are supposed to be and live in your royal freedom

Remaining in One Nigeria means perpetual servitude to the Fulani-North and Yoruba in Lagos

“Meanwhile, you are the ones boosting the economy of Nigeria, in which the Yoruba in Lagos and Fulani-North take pride

Without the Easterners (Biafra), there will be no Nigeria

Yet, you are not appreciated

We pray for your safety, security and well-being”

We pray for your safety, security and well-being”

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