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Tue, Sep 12, 2023 5:10 PM

Tragic Boat Mishap in Adamawa State Raises Concerns Over Waterway Safety

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Tragic Boat Mishap in Adamawa State Raises Concerns Over Waterway Safety
A tragic boat mishap in Adamawa state has once again highlighted the urgent need for improved waterway safety measures in Nigeria. The incident, which claimed the lives of women and children, occurred just days after another boat accident in the region. The local community is calling for immediate action from the government to prevent further tragedies.

YOLA SOUTH, Nigeria - Just 48 hours after a boat mishap claimed eight lives in Rugange, Yola South Local Government Area of Adamawa state, tragedy struck again in Gurin, a suburb of the Fufore Local Government Area, when a boat carrying passengers capsized on Monday, September 11, 2023.

The victims, primarily women and children, were returning from farms and a naming ceremony when the wooden vessel they were in sank.

The incident has amplified growing concerns about the safety of water transportation in the region, especially during the rainy season.

Dr. Mohammed Suleiman, the Executive Secretary of Adamawa State Emergency Management Agency, confirmed the incident and stated that rescue efforts are ongoing.

Hon. Barr. Umar Bobbo Ismail, representing the Fufore/Gurin constituency at the Adamawa State House of Assembly, also verified the unfortunate event.

A local diver involved in the rescue efforts, Mahmud, highlighted that the disaster could have been avoided if adequate safety measures, such as the use of life jackets, had been in place.

"The incident is unfortunate but preventable," Mahmud said. "Simple safety measures like wearing life jackets could have made a significant difference. It's high time the government and relevant agencies ensure the provision of essential safety equipment and regular maintenance of waterways."

This latest incident intensifies the scrutiny on the state of water transport safety measures, or the lack thereof, and puts pressure on local and state governments to take immediate action.

The succession of tragedies in such a short span has also unnerved the community, renewing calls for stringent regulations and enhanced surveillance on waterways.

"Clearly, the time for talking has passed. We need to see immediate actions that translate into a safer water transport system," said Amina Yusuf, a local resident.

The back-to-back incidents of boat capsizing in Adamawa within 48 hours have underscored the urgency of addressing Nigeria's persistent waterway safety issues, adding fuel to a growing national dialogue about the country's broader infrastructure challenges.

"This is no longer an isolated issue. The recurrence of such incidents tells us that it's a systemic problem needing urgent attention," said Dr. Mohammed Suleiman.

As the community mourns the loss of lives and awaits further details from ongoing rescue efforts, the focus now shifts to the government's response.

Will these tragedies serve as the catalyst for a long-overdue overhaul of waterway safety in Adamawa state and Nigeria at large? Only time will tell.

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