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Wed, Sep 13, 2023 2:30 PM

Nigeria: Otedola Hails Tinubu's Diplomacy in Resolving Flight Disruption and UAE Visa Ban

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Nigeria: Otedola Hails Tinubu's Diplomacy in Resolving Flight Disruption and UAE Visa Ban
Billionaire businessman, Femi Otedola, commends President Bola Tinubu for his diplomatic efforts in resolving the flight disruption and UAE visa ban on Nigerians. Otedola expresses confidence in Nigeria's recovery and plans to invest more in the country. He praises Tinubu's economic policies and leadership style.

Nigeria's billionaire businessman, Femi Otedola, has hailed President Bola Tinubu for resolving the dispute between Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates which led to a visa ban on Nigerians and the withdrawal of both Etihad and Emirates Airlines from flying in and out of Nigeria.

Mr Tinubu's visit to the President of the United Arab Emirates and subsequent negotiations resulted in the lifting of the visa ban and the immediate resumption of air flights. In a statement, Otedola commended Tinubu for his shrewd diplomacy in restoring business relations between the two countries.

Otedola, who is Chairman of Geregu Power Plc and a leading investor, expressed optimism that Nigeria would regain its place of pride among the comity of nations. He praised Tinubu for his bold economic policies since assuming office and believes that the current hardship will ease once these policies begin to bear fruit.

The billionaire businessman pledged to invest more of his wealth in Nigeria following Tinubu's deft moves, which have restored confidence in the management of the national economy. He emphasized that with Tinubu's policies, Nigeria will fully recover in a few years.

Otedola highlighted the under-stated benefits of the resolution with the UAE, stating that it has the potential to attract middle eastern investors and transform the stock exchange. He also emphasized the positive impact on ordinary Nigerians, who now have wider choices for travel to the UAE.

Speaking about Tinubu's leadership, Otedola commended him for his difference in style, describing it as "like night and day." He praised Tinubu for leading from the front and his economic diplomacy, which is expected to change Nigeria's image, unlock foreign investments, and improve the country's international perception.

The billionaire businessman called on Nigerians to support the administration and see beyond their differences. He acknowledged the importance of foreign exchange and how the resolution with the UAE will help improve forex inflows into the country.

Tinubu's visit to the UAE resulted in an agreement to immediately lift the visa ban on Nigerian travelers and for both Etihad Airlines and Emirates Airlines to resume flight schedules between Nigeria and the UAE. The agreement also involves new investments into the Nigerian economy and a foreign exchange liquidity program between the two governments.

This resolution marks a significant milestone in restoring business and diplomatic relations between Nigeria and the UAE. With Tinubu's diplomatic efforts and bold economic policies, Nigeria is poised for recovery and growth in the coming years.

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