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Website Testing Guide [Test termination date: June 28th, 2023]

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Website Testing Guide [Test termination date: June 28th, 2023]
Understand how to test, the testing process, and providing feedback on testing.

Dear Testers,

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the testing of our website , a welfare task platform that supports both PC and mobile devices. Our platform allows users to earn coins by registering, inviting friends to register, reading articles, sharing article links, and participating in daily sweepstakes. These coins can then be exchanged for mobile internet data at no extra cost to the user.

This testing phase is open to users located in Nigeria, and we appreciate your feedback on the website's speed, any bugs you encounter, and any suggestions you may have for improving our platform. Suggestions can be related to website functionality, problems with the English language description, and any other feedback you may have.

Testing Procedure:

1、Register as a user on the website. 

2、Invite friends to register as users. In the User Center, you can view the invitation to register link.

3、Read articles on the platform.

4、Share article links.

5、Participate in daily sweepstakes.

6、In the User Center, Exchange coins for mobile internet data.

7、Test other website functionalities.

8、Report any issues or feedback through our feedback system, email, or instant messaging.

Please send any issues or feedback to [email protected]

You can also submit suggestions and questions via the "contact us" link.

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1. The testing period will end on June 28th.

2. There may be some adjustments made during the testing period to improve user experience, such as the number of coins awarded for registration or reading articles.

3. We will monitor traffic during the testing period and upgrade servers and bandwidth if needed to ensure smooth testing.

4. We greatly appreciate your participation in the testing and will permanently archive the names of all those who participated in the website's historical events section as a thank-you.

5. We understand that there may be some technical issues that arise during the testing, such as data rollback, and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We will continue to improve our website to better serve our users.

Thank you for your cooperation in this testing phase. We appreciate your participation and are committed to continually improving our platform to better serve your needs.

There are several common questions:

1. Will reading articles consume my data traffic?

Yes, but the consumption is extremely small and can be ignored because we have done a lot of technical optimization and accumulated years of technical experience to minimize the size of network transmission data. Except for the first visit, each subsequent visit consumes only about 10KB. Under the current reward standard, every user who successfully registers can immediately exchange for about 100MB, which is equivalent to being able to access the article page more than ten thousand times. For sharing and reading articles, there is definitely more than enough data traffic.

2. How long does it take for the data traffic package redemption to be credited?


3. Is the registration process complicated?

It's very simple, just fill in the username, mobile phone number, and password.

4. Are there any limitations on getting coins?

There are no limits. The more users invited, articles shared, and articles read, the more coins you get, which can be accumulated infinitely.

5. Are there any restrictions on redeeming data traffic packages?

There are no restrictions. As long as you have coins, you can redeem them. The more coins you have, the more data traffic you can exchange, so you can achieve data traffic freedom and never worry about not having enough data traffic.

6. Can I redeem data traffic packages for other phone numbers?

No, to protect the security of your coins, you can only redeem them for your own phone number.

7. Besides reading articles to get coins, are there any other ways to earn coins?

Yes, we have also launched a game center where you can play games to earn coins.

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