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Thu, Jul 13, 2023 7:00 AM

BusinessDay CEO Forum: Charting a Course to Growth and Development

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BusinessDay CEO Forum: Charting a Course to Growth and Development
Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, the President of the African Development Bank, Akinwunmi Adesina, and the Group President of MTN, Ralph Mupita, are among the esteemed speakers at this year's BusinessDay CEO Forum. The event, with the theme "Charting a Course to Growth and Development," aims to equip CEOs with strategies to navigate Nigeria's dynamic economic landscape and overcome challenges. The forum will provide valuable insights on business opportunities and explore innovative solutions for sustainable growth and development.

The annual BusinessDay CEO Forum, scheduled for Thursday, July 13, 2023, in Lagos, promises to be an enlightening event for decision-makers, CEOs, and entrepreneurs from Nigeria's private and public sectors. With an impressive lineup of speakers, including Governor Godwin Obaseki, Akinwunmi Adesina, and Ralph Mupita, this year's forum holds the potential to shape the future of businesses in Nigeria.

The presence of Governor Godwin Obaseki at the event is significant, considering his remarkable achievements in Edo State. Obaseki's leadership has led to extensive reforms and programs that have created an enabling environment for businesses to thrive and attract investments. With his deep understanding of the public-private sector dynamics, the governor will share insights and strategies on exploring the challenges and opportunities for businesses in Nigeria's dynamic economic landscape, offering innovative solutions to overcome them.

Akinwunmi Adesina, the President of the African Development Bank, is renowned for his expertise in development economics. His insights will be valuable to CEOs seeking to grow their businesses in the African market. As Adesina delivers his address, CEOs will gain a deeper understanding of the economic trends and dynamics shaping the continent, enabling them to make informed decisions and execute effective strategies.

Ralph Mupita, the Global CEO of the MTN Group, brings with him a wealth of experience in the telecommunications industry. His presence at the forum is particularly relevant for CEOs looking to make their businesses more sustainable. Mupita's industry insights and vision for the future will undoubtedly inspire and guide CEOs in their pursuit of long-term growth and development.

The theme of this year's forum, "Charting a Course to Growth and Development," encapsulates the challenges and opportunities faced by CEOs in a rapidly changing business landscape. As CEOs from across Nigeria come together, they will embark on insightful conversations and exchange ideas on how to stay ahead of the curve. The forum aims to equip CEOs with the necessary tools and approaches to make informed decisions and execute strategies that will help them manage their businesses successfully.

The BusinessDay CEO Forum is a platform where CEOs share experiences, challenges, and success stories. It fosters collaboration and encourages knowledge-sharing among industry leaders. The presence of esteemed guests such as Osagie Okunbor, MD of Shell Petroleum Development Company/Chair of Shell Companies in Nigeria; Ibukun Awosika, Founder and CEO of The Chair Centre Group; Okey Enolamah, Founder of African Capital Alliance; and Toyin Sanni, CEO of Emerging Africa Capital, further amplifies the relevance and impact of this event.

In conclusion, the BusinessDay CEO Forum is poised to be a catalyst for growth and development in Nigeria's business landscape. With an exceptional lineup of speakers, discussions on emerging opportunities, and solutions to prevailing challenges, CEOs attending the forum can gain invaluable insights and strategies to thrive in Nigeria's dynamic economic environment. This gathering of influential leaders will undoubtedly shape the future of businesses and contribute immensely to the nation's economic growth and development.

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