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Fri, Jul 14, 2023 12:30 AM

Nigeria Ports Authority Wins Most Outstanding Agency of Government in Africa Award

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Nigeria Ports Authority Wins Most Outstanding Agency of Government in Africa Award
The Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA) has been honored with the prestigious Most Outstanding Agency of Government in Africa award by the African Leadership Magazine. This recognition is a testament to the NPA's exceptional administrative achievements under the leadership of Mohammed Bello-Koko and its significant contributions to Nigeria's economic growth and development.

The Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA), under the leadership of Mohammed Bello-Koko, has won yet another award as Most Outstanding Agency of Government in Africa. The UK-based African Leadership Magazine honored NPA for its administrative excellence and remarkable contributions to the growth and development of Nigeria's economic space.

The award was presented to the NPA during the 8th edition of the Africa Summit, held at the House of Lords in the United Kingdom and the Dorchester Hotel in London from July 10 to 11. African Leadership Magazine recognized the Bello-Koko-led NPA's exceptional track record of professional accomplishments and its current role in shaping Nigeria's economic landscape.

In a letter addressed to the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of NPA, the magazine commended Bello-Koko, stating, "You were clearly identified as an administrator that has demonstrated excellence and immense contribution to innovation, creativity, invention, and productivity in the Nigerian Maritime sector."

This well-deserved accolade highlights the NPA's commitment to superior performance and its instrumental role in driving positive change within the Nigerian maritime industry. With a focus on promoting Afro-positive content and showcasing Africa's finest accomplishments on global platforms, the African Leadership Magazine aims to elevate business and policy leadership in the continent.

Ken Giami, the publisher of African Leadership Magazine, emphasized that the African Business Leadership Awards (ABLA) served as a testament to the resilience, diversity, and investment potential of Africa. The winners of these awards exemplify progressive and transformational leadership, showcasing the extensive opportunities and accomplishments in Africa.

NPA's recognition as the Most Outstanding Agency of Government in Africa further establishes its reputation as a major catalyst for economic growth and development. The agency's continuous dedication to innovation, efficiency, and professionalism has significantly contributed to shaping Nigeria's maritime sector and enhancing its global competitiveness.

Through Bello-Koko's visionary leadership, NPA has been able to streamline port operations, leverage advanced technologies, and implement robust policies to optimize efficiency and security. These efforts have positively impacted trade facilitation, improved cargo handling, and enhanced revenue generation for Nigeria.

The award-winning NPA is set to uphold its commitment to excellence, driving sustainable growth, and further bolstering Nigeria's position as a regional economic powerhouse.

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