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Fri, Jul 28, 2023 6:10 PM

Nigeria Immigration Service Calls for Safe and Legal Migration

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Nigeria Immigration Service Calls for Safe and Legal Migration
The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) is intensifying efforts to combat irregular migration and migrant smuggling. With the alarming number of Nigerian youths losing their lives while attempting to seek greener pastures abroad through dangerous routes, the NIS is urging citizens to pursue safe and legal migration options.

The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) has launched the "2023 Anti-Smuggling of Migrants Nationwide Sensitization and Enlightenment Campaign" to address the rising issue of irregular migration. The Acting Comptroller General of NIS, Adepoju Wuraola, emphasized the need to educate Nigerians about the dangers associated with irregular migration as the country continues to lose many youths on illegal routes.

According to Wuraola, the government of Nigeria strongly opposes the smuggling of migrants and trafficking in persons. To prevent further loss of lives, the NIS believes that education and sensitization are crucial for curbing irregular migration. The NIS aims to dissuade individuals from embarking on dangerous journeys through the Sahara desert and the treacherous Mediterranean Sea in search of greener pastures abroad.

Kemi Nandap, the Acting Deputy Comptroller General in charge of the Directorate of Migration, expressed concern over the alarming number of Nigerian youths losing their lives while attempting to migrate illegally. The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) reported that in 2023 alone, around 1200 Nigerians died while trying to migrate via irregular routes across the Sahara desert and Mediterranean Sea.

Nandap addressed the prevalence of the "Japa syndrome," where Nigerian youths are risking their lives for no justifiable cause. To combat this issue, she encouraged Nigerians wishing to 'Japa' (migrate) to approach the migration desk in all NIS state commands to access relevant and accurate information pertaining to safe and legal migration options.

The NIS and the Nigerian government are determined to create awareness among the youth population that there is hope and ample opportunities within the country. They highlight the importance of hard work and perseverance in achieving success within Nigeria's borders. While the desire for better prospects is not discouraged, ensuring the safety and legality of migration is a top priority for the NIS.

The NIS campaign serves as a plea to the general public to collaborate in raising awareness and educating Nigerian youths about the perils associated with irregular migration. By working together, they aim to guide individuals toward safer and regulated migration routes.

The Nigeria Immigration Service encourages citizens to explore legal migration pathways, emphasizing that there is no limit to what can be achieved within the country if one is willing to work hard. By choosing orderly and legal migration, individuals can avoid the risks and uncertainties associated with irregular migration.

It is essential for Nigerians to heed the advice and take advantage of the resources provided by the NIS regarding safe and legal migration. Only by making informed choices can individuals secure a brighter future without jeopardizing their lives in search of supposed greener pastures.

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