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Nigeria's House of Representatives Announces Constitution and Leadership of Standing Committees

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Nigeria's House of Representatives Announces Constitution and Leadership of Standing Committees
Nigeria's House of Representatives, under the leadership of Speaker Hon. Taju­deen Abbas, has announced the constitution and leadership of the 10th House's standing committees. These committees, totaling 134, aim to contribute to the country's social economic development. The list includes chairmen and their respective portfolios, emphasizing the equal status of all committee members.

In a significant development, the 10th House of Representatives in Nigeria has finally unveiled the constitution and leadership of its standing committees. Under the guidance of Speaker Hon. Taju­deen Abbas, a total of 134 committees will play a pivotal role in supporting the country's social economic development. This new assembly surpasses the previous one which had 109 standing committees, highlighting the commitment to legislative efficiency and productivity.

The list of chairmen and their portfolios reflects the diverse range of expertise involved. Notable assignments include Hon. Benjamin Kalu, the Deputy Speaker, leading the Constitution Review Committee, and Hon. Abu­bakar Bichi taking charge of Appropriations. Hon. Ikenga Ikeagwuonu Ugo­chinyere will oversee Petroleum Resources (downstream), while Hon. Wole Oke will handle Judiciary matters.

It is essential to note that all committee chairmen will hold equal status and power. Speaker Hon. Abbas emphasized the importance of teamwork, urging transparency and inclusive participation in committee activities. He stressed the need for functional secretariats within each committee to ensure efficiency and improved legislative output.

Furthermore, Hon. Abbas highlighted the crucial role of committees within legislative bodies worldwide. He emphasized their responsibility in promoting citizens' participation in legislation, enhancing legislative oversight, and facilitating detailed scrutiny of bills and motions. The committees will be required to submit regular reports on their activities to the House leadership, promoting greater accountability and legislative action.

With regards to the committee assignments, Hon. Abbas clarified that there are no "juicy committees" or preferred positions. The focus is on collective effort and delivering on the mandate provided by constituents. This inclusive approach ensures that all members have the opportunity to contribute effectively and contribute to the nation's progress.

In addition to the standing committees, Hon. Abbas announced the establishment of parliamentary friendship committees. These committees aim to promote external engagements, exchange programs, and peer reviews with parliaments and parliamentary associations globally. Such interactions will foster knowledge sharing, improve parliamentary practices, and enhance Nigeria's global standing.

The House of Representatives will now proceed on a six-week annual recess, resuming its activities in September. During this recess, committee chairmen and their deputies will undergo capacity building programs provided by the National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies (NILDS). These programs will equip them with the necessary skills in committee management, oversight functions, investigative hearings, and conducting public hearings effectively.

Overall, the constitution and leadership of the standing committees mark a significant step forward for Nigeria's House of Representatives. With a focus on unity, diligence, and transparency, these committees are poised to make a positive impact on the country's social economic development and legislative landscape.

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