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Thu, Sep 7, 2023 7:50 AM

Nigeria's Youngest Female Presidential Aspirant Blasts Federal Government Policies

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Nigeria's Youngest Female Presidential Aspirant Blasts Federal Government Policies
Joyce Ogochukwu Nsaka, Nigeria's youngest female presidential aspirant, criticizes the policies of the Federal Government, expressing concerns about the pauperization of the people and the removal of fuel subsidy. She calls for a change in leadership and suggests renaming the country to "United African Empire."

ASABA - In a bold stance against the policies of the Federal Government, Joyce Ogochukwu Nsaka, Nigeria's youngest female presidential aspirant in the 2023 general election, has raised her voice against the pauperization of the Nigerian people. Contesting on the platform of the African Democratic Congress (ADC), Nsaka expressed her concerns during an interview held in Asaba, the capital of Delta State.

Nsaka specifically addressed the negative impact of the removal of fuel subsidy, stating that it has caused increased pain and suffering among the citizens. She called on influential figures like Tinubu to take immediate action to alleviate hunger and starvation in the country.

Proposing a comprehensive overhaul for the nation's socio-economic development, Nsaka suggested a complete eradication of corrupt politicians and leaders who prioritize self-interest over the welfare of the people. She went on to propose a renaming of the country to "United African Empire" to reflect a fresh start.

"We must address the core issues plaguing Nigeria right from its foundation," asserted Nsaka. She criticized the leaders of the time when the country gained independence in 1960, labeling it as an act of hypocrisy.

As Nigeria's youngest female presidential aspirant, Nsaka's firm stand against the policies of the Federal Government has garnered attention and sparked important conversations about the need for a change in leadership. While some may view her propositions as radical, they shed light on the underlying problems that hinder the nation's progress.

The removal of the fuel subsidy has caused widespread outcry and has directly impacted the lives of ordinary Nigerians. As the cost of living rises and access to basic commodities becomes increasingly difficult, Nsaka's call for immediate intervention reflects the urgency of the situation.

The vision of a "United African Empire" encapsulates Nsaka's belief in the need for a fundamental transformation of the country. By suggesting a name change, she implies a departure from the past and the emergence of a united front, emphasizing African unity.

While Nsaka's bid for the presidency may not have been successful, her resilience and dedication to bring about change continue to inspire others. As a young woman in a male-dominated political landscape, she serves as a beacon of hope for women across Nigeria, encouraging them to actively participate in shaping the nation's future.

The Federal Government's response to Nsaka's criticisms remains unclear. However, her bold statements have ignited public discourse and put pressure on the government to address the concerns she has raised.

In conclusion, Joyce Ogochukwu Nsaka's vocal condemnation of the policies of the Federal Government showcases her commitment to the betterment of Nigeria. Her call for change in leadership, coupled with a suggestion to rename the country to "United African Empire," highlights the need to revisit the foundations on which Nigeria was built.

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