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Sat, Sep 9, 2023 7:45 AM

Nigerian Passenger Dies on EgyptAir Flight: Family Demands Answers

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Nigerian Passenger Dies on EgyptAir Flight: Family Demands Answers
A Nigerian passenger, Ms. Meshioye Toyosi Remilekun, tragically passed away during an EgyptAir flight from Lagos to London. Her family remains devastated and outraged by the lack of information provided by the airline regarding her death. They are demanding answers and seeking assistance to repatriate her body back to Nigeria.

A Nigerian passenger, Ms. Meshioye Toyosi Remilekun, boarded an EgyptAir flight from Lagos to London on Monday, September 4th, 2023. Little did she know it would be her last journey. The heartbreaking news of her death has left her family in shock and mourning.

According to her elder sister, Mrs. Olufunmilola Olaniyi-Alabi, Ms. Remilekun's lifeless body was reportedly deposited in Cairo by EgyptAir without any notification to the family. It was only through a message from the consular office in Cairo that the family learned of her demise.

The family, desperate for answers and justice for their loved one, took immediate action. They contacted London Police and demanded to meet with EgyptAir's regional manager. After several calls between EgyptAir's London and Cairo offices, the family was informed that Ms. Remilekun fell ill during the flight and was rushed to a hospital in Cairo upon landing.

It's the lack of transparency surrounding her death that has raised suspicions and further deepened the family's grief. Mrs. Olaniyi-Alabi expressed concern over the airline's failure to reach out to them as the passenger's next-of-kin and their unwillingness to provide detailed information about the circumstances leading to her sister's demise.

According to Mr. Basha, the General Manager of EgyptAir in Nigeria, Ms. Remilekun's route was from Lagos to London via Cairo. Upon arrival at the transit area, she reported feeling unwell and was examined by the airport quarantine department. They determined that she needed immediate medical attention and transferred her to a hospital.

The Nigerian Embassy in Cairo was promptly informed about the situation. However, the embassy stated that EgyptAir had provided minimal information and no contact details for the deceased's relatives. This lack of communication further fuelled the family's suspicions.

The family firmly believes that EgyptAir is hiding the truth about what transpired on the flight and upon landing in Cairo, raising questions about their accountability and responsibility for Ms. Remilekun's well-being. They feel that the airline's silence and evasion of their inquiries are unacceptable.

At this point, the family is not only seeking clarity but also assistance in repatriating Ms. Remilekun's body back to Nigeria. They are calling on both the Nigerian Embassy and EgyptAir to provide them with the information they deserve and help them bring their loved one home.

Only with the truth and proper support can the family find some solace amid their profound grief. Ms. Remilekun's untimely passing serves as a reminder for airlines to prioritize passenger well-being and maintain open communication during such tragic incidents.

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