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Sun, Sep 3, 2023 9:20 PM

Nigeria Considers Joining G20: Exploring the Pros and Cons

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Nigeria Considers Joining G20: Exploring the Pros and Cons
Nigeria, the largest economy in Africa and one of the top oil producers, is contemplating its inclusion in the G20 group. The Nigerian government is currently conducting extensive consultations to weigh the benefits and risks. President Bola Tinubu plans to attend the upcoming G20 Summit in New Delhi, where he aims to attract more investments for Nigeria. Despite its vast oil reserves, a substantial portion of the Nigerian population still lives in poverty. This article explores the potential implications of Nigeria's G20 membership and the challenges it faces in addressing economic inequality.

Lagos, 3 Sep - Nigeria, the largest oil-producing country in Africa and the continent's biggest economy, is considering requesting membership in the G20 group, according to a statement released by the Nigerian Presidency on Sunday.

The Presidency stated, "While Nigeria's membership in the G20 is desirable, the government has embarked on extensive consultations to determine the benefits and risks of such inclusion."

"Once the consultations are concluded, the government will decide whether to seek membership or not," the statement added.

Nigeria's President, Bola Tinubu, is set to attend the 18th G20 Summit of Heads of State and Government in New Delhi from 9th to 10th September. Tinubu's agenda at the summit, "by a special invitation from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi," will focus on attracting more investments to Nigeria.

With a population of over 213 million, Nigeria is Africa's most populous country and its leading economy.

However, despite its immense oil reserves, approximately 40% of Nigerians (around 83 million people) live below the poverty line, as reported by the World Bank.

Organizations like Oxfam have warned that economic inequality in Nigeria has reached "extreme levels."

The Pros and Cons of Nigeria's G20 Membership

Joining the G20 could potentially bring several advantages to Nigeria. First and foremost, it would provide a platform for Nigeria to engage in discussions on global economic and financial issues, contributing to shaping international policies in its favor.

Membership in the G20 could also attract increased foreign investments and trade opportunities for Nigeria. Being part of this exclusive group would enhance Nigeria's reputation and signal its commitment to economic growth and stability.

Additionally, Nigeria's inclusion in the G20 could stimulate further reforms within the country, as it would be expected to align with the group's standards and best practices.

However, there are challenges that Nigeria must carefully consider before aspiring to be part of the G20. One of the primary concerns is the potential for increased inequality and marginalization within the country. The concentration of power and resources among G20 member nations may exacerbate existing disparities.

Furthermore, Nigeria must ensure that its voice is heard and its interests are adequately represented within the G20. The country should strive for meaningful participation and avoid being overshadowed by more dominant economies.

Another critical aspect to assess is the cost of G20 membership. Nigeria needs to evaluate whether the associated expenses and obligations outweigh the potential benefits. It must prioritize its resources and determine if G20 membership aligns with its long-term economic and development goals.


The prospect of Nigeria joining the G20 presents both opportunities and challenges. While it could provide a platform for economic advancement and attract international investments, the country must be cautious of the potential consequences, particularly regarding inequality and marginalization.

Nigeria's decision regarding G20 Membership should be based on a comprehensive evaluation of the pros and cons, keeping in mind the long-term goals of the nation and the aspirations of its citizens for a prosperous and equitable future.

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