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23 Clerics Killed, 200 Churches Destroyed By Bandits in Kaduna - CAN

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23 Clerics Killed, 200 Churches Destroyed By Bandits in Kaduna - CAN
The Christian community in Kaduna, Nigeria, has reported that 23 pastors have been killed and 200 churches destroyed by bandits over the past four years. As the police commissioner and Christian leaders come together to address the issue of insecurity, they emphasize the importance of unity and information sharing to combat criminal activities. The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) urges the government to take action in bringing the culprits to justice and restoring confidence among the people.

The Christian community in Kaduna State, Nigeria, has been devastated by the activities of bandits, resulting in the loss of lives and the destruction of multiple churches. According to the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), 23 pastors have been killed, and over 200 churches have been closed down due to bandit attacks in the state over the past four years.

The gravity of the situation was acknowledged during a meeting held at the Albaraka Baptist Church, Barnawa, Kaduna. The meeting, at the instance of the state's commissioner of police, Musa Garba, aimed to strengthen the relationship between the police and religious leaders while seeking solutions to the escalating insecurity in the region.

Speaking at the gathering, the commissioner emphasized that criminality has no religion and called for the unity of all citizens in addressing criminal acts. He urged individuals to provide timely information to security personnel regarding any suspicious activities in their communities.

Rev. Dr. John Joseph Hayab, the state chairman of CAN, expressed gratitude to the police commissioner for engaging Christian clerics in a dialogue. He raised concerns over the increasing number of pastors and priests who have fallen victim to bandit attacks in the state. Rev. Hayab revealed that one pastor had even been kidnapped and forced to lead prayers for the bandits while in captivity.

The Christian leaders called on the police commissioner to investigate the issues comprehensively, including the activities of pastors and imams involved in hate sermons and speeches. Additionally, they highlighted the connection between the consumption of hard drugs and criminal activities, urging the police to crack down on drug peddlers.

As the state grapples with insecurity, the Christian community and CAN underscored the need for the government to take decisive action in apprehending the perpetrators and restoring confidence among the people. They believe that unity among diverse religious and ethnic groups is crucial in combating banditry and fostering peace in Kaduna State.

The alarming situation in Kaduna reminds us of the importance of communal efforts in maintaining security and preserving lives. While the government shoulders the primary responsibility of safeguarding its citizens, individual citizens must contribute by providing relevant information to security agencies. Only through collective action and mutual cooperation can the state and its people overcome these challenges.

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