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NMA Suspends Strike Following Abduction of Neurologist

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NMA Suspends Strike Following Abduction of Neurologist
The Nigeria Medical Association (NMA), Cross River chapter, has suspended its strike after one of its members, Prof. Ekanem Ephraim, was abducted. The chairman of the association, Dr. Felix Archibong, announced the suspension but emphasized that if any member is kidnapped again, they will go back on strike. The NMA has given the state government two weeks to rescue Prof. Ephraim before reviewing their actions. They are urging security agents to maintain efforts in reducing cases of kidnapping in the state.

In a bid to address the security challenges and pressure on the government to rescue Prof. Ekanem Ephraim, the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA), Cross River chapter, has suspended its strike, which began on July 16. The strike was initiated following the abduction of Prof. Ephraim, a neurologist affiliated with the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital (UCTH).

Dr. Felix Archibong, the Chairman of NMA chapter, emphasized during an emergency general meeting that the suspension of the strike is temporary and pending the rescue of their colleague. The decision was influenced by a letter of appeal from Governor Bassey Otu and the advice of the national president of the association.

Despite the suspension, the chairman made it clear that if any member of the association is kidnapped again, they will resume the strike. This demonstrates the seriousness of the association in ensuring the safety and security of its members, and stands as a strong message to the state government to prioritize protection.

It is notable that the NMA chapter has given the Cross River state government two weeks to rescue Prof. Ephraim before reconvening to review the actions taken. This gives the government a clear timeframe to demonstrate their commitment to protecting medical professionals.

During the announcement, Dr. Archibong appealed to security agents to maintain the momentum in reducing cases of kidnapping in the state. He acknowledged that significant progress has been made in recent weeks, but emphasized that continued efforts are necessary to ensure the safety of not just medical practitioners, but the general public as well.

As the search for Prof. Ephraim continues, Governor Bassey Otu has offered a reward of N5 million to anyone with valuable information that would lead to the rescue of the abducted neurologist. This monetary incentive aims to encourage individuals to come forward with any helpful details, further highlighting the urgency of the situation.

The NMA chapter is hopeful for the safe return of Prof. Ephraim but acknowledges the possibility of an unfavorable outcome. In the event of tragedy, the chairman has called on the government to have appropriate modalities in place to provide necessary closure to the matter. This includes allowing the family to mourn their loss and ensuring support for those left behind.

Overall, the actions taken by the NMA chapter in suspending the strike reflect a commitment to the well-being and security of medical professionals in Cross River state. By holding the government accountable and urging continued efforts from security agencies, the association is sending a strong message that the safety of doctors and healthcare workers must be prioritized.

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