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Mon, Aug 28, 2023 9:00 AM

Delta State Commissioner Appeals to Residents to Stop Indiscriminate Dumping of Refuge

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Delta State Commissioner Appeals to Residents to Stop Indiscriminate Dumping of Refuge
Delta State Commissioner for Environment, Mr. Ejiro Jamani, has appealed to residents to stop the indiscriminate dumping of refuge on prohibited areas. He emphasized the importance of maintaining a clean environment and the negative consequences of blocking canals and drainage systems.

Delta State Commissioner for Environment, Mr. Ejiro Jamani, has made a fervent appeal to the residents of the state to put an end to the indiscriminate dumping of refuse on prohibited areas. Mr. Jamani expressed his concern during an inspection of blocked canals and drainage systems in various parts of the state, as part of the monthly environmental sanitation exercise.

Mr. Jamani frowned upon the attitudes of residents who thoughtlessly dispose of their waste in spots that are capable of blocking canals. He highlighted the consequences of such actions, explaining that when canals and drainage systems become blocked, waste materials accumulate and cause a backflow of water and waste.

As the champion of the recently declared "Operation Clean Up Delta," the commissioner reiterated the importance of a clean environment and called on all Deltans to support the government's efforts towards achieving a healthy environment. He also directed the immediate removal of all abandoned vehicles from government roads.

During his visit to Sapele Local Government Area, Mr. Jamani expressed his displeasure over the unsanitary environment maintained by Zenith Bank. He promptly issued an abatement notice to the bank, urging them to take the necessary steps to keep their surroundings clean at all times.

In a statement, Mr. Jamani said, "Today, I personally monitored the monthly environmental exercise, and so far, the turnout has been low. I want to urge the good people of Delta State to cultivate the habit of always keeping their environment clean in order to promote good healthy living. We must understand that blocking canals and drainages is very detrimental, and we, as an institution, will continue to sensitize our people on the importance of maintaining a clean environment."

During his inspection, the commissioner visited several areas, including Enerhen junction and Igbudu Market, to assess the state of cleanliness and the level of compliance with environmental regulations.

It is imperative for residents of Delta State to recognize the significance of responsible waste disposal and the impact it has on the overall cleanliness of their environment. Indiscriminate dumping of refuse not only poses health risks but also contributes to the blocking of canals and drainage systems. Each individual has a role to play in ensuring a clean and sustainable environment for all.

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