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Tue, Aug 8, 2023 4:30 PM

Dele Alake: The Ideal Candidate for Nigeria's Ministry of Information, Says Communications Specialist

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Dele Alake: The Ideal Candidate for Nigeria's Ministry of Information, Says Communications Specialist
A communications specialist, Bamidele Johnson, has endorsed Dele Alake as the perfect candidate for Nigeria's Minister of Information position. Johnson highlighted Alake's expertise and clear communication skills, emphasizing the importance of credibility in the role. With experience at the state level and under the same leadership, Alake possesses the necessary tools to excel in the ministry. This endorsement comes after President Tinubu announced the list of ministers to fill various positions in his administration.

Dele Alake, renowned and respected for his vast experience in communication and public service, has emerged as a top candidate for Nigeria's Minister of Information position.

Bamidele Johnson, a communications specialist, believes that Alake's expertise and track record make him the ideal choice to lead the Ministry of Information. In a conversation with Legit.ng, Johnson emphasized the need for credibility, a quality often lacking in Information Ministers.

Johnson applauds Alake's prior experience, noting that he has previously served in a similar capacity at the state level under the same leadership. This experience provides Alake with valuable insight and understanding into the challenges and complexities of the role.

One of the key strengths that sets Alake apart is his ability to express himself with clarity. In a role that demands effective communication, Alake's skills in this area would be a valuable asset. Johnson believes that Alake possesses the necessary tools to make himself believable, an aspect that has often been lacking in previous Information Ministers.

The endorsement of Dele Alake comes amidst President Tinubu's announcement of his ministerial list. With Nigeria eagerly awaiting the positive transformation of the country, the selection of competent and capable individuals to fill crucial positions is of utmost importance.

President Tinubu has made strides in gender equality by including seven women among the 28 ministerial nominees. This move is significant as Nigeria has historically struggled with low female representation in both elected and appointed positions. With the incoming women ministers, there is hope for increased female participation and diverse perspectives in decision-making processes.

Bayo Onanuga, the director of Media and Publicity of the defunct Bola Tinubu/Kashim Shettima Campaign, also extended his congratulations to the ministerial nominees. Onanuga sent a tweet expressing gratitude and wished the appointees prosperity in their future endeavours.


Dele Alake's potential appointment as the Minister of Information has received an endorsement from communication specialist Bamidele Johnson. With his expertise and experience, Alake could bring much-needed credibility and clarity to the role. As President Tinubu's ministerial list continues to generate discussion, the inclusion of women ministers marks a positive step towards gender equality and inclusivity in Nigerian politics. The nation remains hopeful for a new era of effective governance and progress under President Tinubu's administration.

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