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Lamido of Adamawa Commends NCC on Telecom Consumer Protection Initiatives

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Lamido of Adamawa Commends NCC on Telecom Consumer Protection Initiatives
The Lamido of Adamawa has hailed the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) for its efforts in protecting telecom consumers through various initiatives, including the recent Village Square Dialogue (VSD). The Lamido expressed gratitude for the opportunity provided to individuals and businesses in Adamawa State to engage directly with the regulator on telecom-related issues. He also urged the NCC to continue working towards reducing the cost of telecom services and ensuring their availability across the country.

The Lamido of Adamawa, Dr. Muhammadu Mustapha, has commended the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) for its telecom consumer protection initiatives, particularly the recent Village Square Dialogue (VSD) held in Yola, Adamawa State. The Lamido, represented by Prof. Abubakar Tahir, spoke highly of the event, emphasizing the importance of enabling telecom consumers and businesses to interact with the regulatory body face-to-face.

In his remarks, Prof. Abubakar Tahir applauded the NCC for its commitment to consumer education and enlightenment. He acknowledged the NCC's focus on providing consumer information and lauded the initiative to bring the Village Square Dialogue to Adamawa. He expressed gratitude on behalf of the people for the NCC's efforts in the area of telecom consumer protection.

The Lamido of Adamawa also urged the NCC to explore additional measures to further reduce the cost of telecom services. He emphasized the importance of affordable and accessible telecommunications across all communities in Nigeria. The royal father highlighted the need for continuous improvement in service quality and availability.

The NCC was represented by Alkasim Umar, the Director of Consumer Affairs, who stood in for the Executive Vice Chairman, Prof. Umar Garba Danbatta. Umar reiterated the NCC's commitment to protecting telecom consumers and fostering an enabling environment for service providers.

Umar highlighted some of the consumer-centric initiatives introduced by the NCC. One of these is the harmonized shortcodes, which provide uniform access codes for various consumer services across different networks. This simplifies processes such as airtime loading, checking balances, and interacting with call centers. Umar also emphasized the availability of the NCC Toll-Free Number (622) for consumers to lodge complaints against their service providers.

The Director of Consumer Affairs further stressed the importance of information and education in empowering telecom consumers. He emphasized the NCC's mandate of safeguarding consumer rights and interests as specified in the Nigerian Communications Act (NCA) of 2003. Umar explained that informed consumers are better equipped to protect themselves against unfair practices from service providers.

Umar highlighted the significant role that telecommunications services play in the digital era, making consumer education crucial for clarifying issues and empowering individuals with knowledge. He expressed satisfaction with the decision to hold the Village Square Dialogue, as it serves as a platform to educate people about their rights and expectations regarding telecom services in Nigeria.

The Lamido of Adamawa's commendation and advice align with the NCC's ongoing commitment to consumer protection and service improvement. As the telecom industry continues to evolve, initiatives that prioritize the rights and well-being of consumers will play a vital role in maintaining a thriving digital ecosystem.

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