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Sat, Sep 2, 2023 2:15 PM

Minister of Information Claims No Fear of Military Takeover in Nigeria

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Minister of Information Claims No Fear of Military Takeover in Nigeria
The Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, has assured Nigerians that there is no reason to fear a military takeover in the country. He emphasized that Nigeria has a strong and resilient democratic system, making it difficult for senior military personnel to unseat democratically-elected leaders. This statement aims to alleviate any concerns and instill confidence in the nation's democratic institutions.

FCT, Abuja - In a bid to allay concerns of a possible military takeover in Nigeria, the Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, has stated that the country has moved past that stage. He reassured Nigerians that the democratic institutions in the country are now stronger, making it unlikely for senior military personnel to usurp the democratically-elected leaders.

The minister's statement comes at a time when rumors and speculations of a military coup have been circulating in the media. Nigerians have expressed concerns about the country's political stability and the possible threat to the democratic system.

"I can tell you that there is no fear or apprehension at all," Minister Idris said during a press conference in Abuja. "We have gone past that, and we have been a democratic country all this while with the institutions of democracy getting stronger."

Nigeria, a country with a history of military coups, has made significant progress in its democratic journey since its return to civilian rule in 1999. Through successive elections, the country has seen a peaceful transfer of power from one democratically-elected president to another.

Minister Idris emphasized the importance of strong democratic institutions in preventing any attempts to undermine the government. He pointed out that Nigeria's judiciary, legislature, and executive branches of government are well-established and have checks and balances in place to protect against any unconstitutional actions.

"Our democratic institutions are stronger than ever before. They have been tested over the years and have proven their resilience," the minister stated.

Despite the minister's reassurances, some Nigerians remain skeptical and worry about the potential for military interference in politics. Memories of past military regimes are still fresh in the minds of many citizens.

However, the majority of Nigerians trust in the country's democratic process and the dedication of its leaders to upholding democratic principles. The peaceful transition of power in recent years has boosted confidence in the democratic system.

It is important for the government to address any concerns or uncertainty among the people. Public trust in democratic institutions is vital for political stability and national development.

The minister's statement aims to quell any fears and reaffirm the government's commitment to democracy. It serves as a reminder that Nigeria's democratic journey is an ongoing one, but one that is firmly rooted in the values of freedom, transparency, and accountability.

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