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Thu, Aug 31, 2023 5:50 PM

Why It Takes Some Level of Stupidity to Stay Happily Married

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Why It Takes Some Level of Stupidity to Stay Happily Married
Dr. Charles Apoki, a Nigerian preacher with 38 years of marriage experience, shares his insight into why it takes some level of stupidity to stay happily married. Discover the qualities required to maintain a successful and fulfilling marriage in today's article.

In a thought-provoking video that has gone viral, Nigerian preacher Dr. Charles Apoki shares his perspective on what it takes to stay happily married. Drawing upon his own 38 years of marriage, Apoki challenges the notion that intelligence alone guarantees a lasting marital relationship.

According to Dr. Apoki, marriage necessitates certain qualities that may seem counterintuitive at first glance. He emphasizes the importance of qualities such as stupidity, tolerance, and anger management in maintaining a successful marriage.

"If you cannot tolerate the following things, don't get married," says Dr. Apoki. "Number one, if you cannot control your temper, do not get married. If you cannot tolerate stupidity, do not get married. If you cannot say sorry, even when you are right, do not get married."

This unconventional perspective challenges the widely held belief that intelligence and compatibility are the primary factors in sustaining a marriage. Dr. Apoki argues that intelligent individuals tend to struggle with maintaining long-term relationships, citing the high-profile divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates as an example.

While acknowledging the importance of intelligence in many aspects of life, Dr. Apoki contends that it might hinder the ability to compromise and tolerate imperfections in a partner. Highly intelligent people may face difficulties in dealing with perceived stupidity, exhibit a lack of patience, or struggle with admitting their mistakes, which can strain a marriage over time.

By embracing a certain level of "stupidity" in the sense of being humble, forgiving, and tolerant, Dr. Apoki purports that individuals stand a better chance of nurturing a lasting and fulfilling marriage.

These unconventional qualities go against societal expectations, particularly in a world that idolizes intelligence and achievement. However, Dr. Apoki asserts that marriage requires individuals to shed their egos, set aside their pride, and focus on building a strong foundation of love and understanding.

It is worth noting that the preacher's viewpoint is not without its critics. Some argue that intelligence should be seen as an asset rather than a hindrance, as it can contribute to effective communication, problem-solving, and personal growth within a marriage.

Ultimately, what Dr. Apoki highlights is the importance of finding a balance between intelligence and emotional intelligence in a marriage. While being smart is undoubtedly valuable, it should not overshadow qualities such as humility, forgiveness, and patience.

Marriage is a lifelong journey that inevitably involves both happiness and challenges. Dr. Apoki's unique perspective offers couples an opportunity to reflect on their own relationships and consider the ways in which they can cultivate the necessary qualities for a successful and enduring marriage.

So, whether it takes some level of stupidity or an alternative understanding of intelligence, the key lies in the willingness to compromise, embrace imperfections, and prioritize the love and well-being of one's partner above all else.

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