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Wed, Aug 2, 2023 4:15 AM

Senate Screens Former Governors and Others, Drama Ensues

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Senate Screens Former Governors and Others, Drama Ensues
The Nigerian Senate engaged in a heated screening session for 14 ministerial nominees, including former governors and other prominent figures. Drama erupted when a petition was presented against one of the nominees, Nasir el-Rufai, which led to a clash of opinions among the senators. However, the Senate President dismissed the petition and proceeded with the screening. Other nominees faced intense questioning, while some were allowed to take a bow and exit. Nine nominees were successfully screened, with the remaining set to be screened the following day.

ABUJA - The screening of ministerial nominees in the Nigerian Senate took a more dramatic turn as the former governor of Kaduna State, Nasir el-Rufai, and other prominent figures faced scrutiny from the senators. Alongside el-Rufai, former Ebonyi State governor David Umahi, Hannatu Musawa from Katsina, and six others went through the intense process. The screening session was initially calm, but tension ensued when Senator Sunday Karimi moved against el-Rufai, citing a petition related to insecurity in Southern Kaduna during his tenure as governor.

Despite the murmurs of opposition from fellow senators, Karimi insisted on reading the petition. However, the Senate President, Godswill Akpabio, intervened, refusing to entertain the petition and emphasizing that the chamber was not the appropriate platform for such matters. Senator Suleiman Kwari from Kaduna North urged his colleagues to allow el-Rufai to take a bow, leading to the endorsement of his screening by all three opposition PDP senators from Kaduna State.

Olawale Edun, former Lagos State Commissioner for Finance, faced an hour-long grilling during the screening. Edun emphasized Nigeria's potential for prosperity and economic growth, asserting that the country possessed abundant human and material resources. He expressed his commitment to emulate the success story of Lagos State during his tenure as a commissioner. Edun also voiced support for fuel subsidy removal and the unification of foreign exchange, acknowledging that these decisions had caused hardships for citizens but predicting eventual gains and sustainable development.

Musa Dangiwa, the nominee from Katsina State, faced allegations of belated tax payments due to his nomination. However, after a reasonable duration was allocated for his explanation, the Senate moved on to the last nominee for the day, Hannatu Musawa. Musawa, the Special Adviser to the President on Arts, Culture, and Entertainment, became emotional during her introductory remarks, shedding tears. Following an appeal from Senator Elisha Abbo, Musawa was allowed to take a bow and exit the screening.

In total, the Senate screened nine out of the 28 ministerial nominees, reserving the remaining five for the next day's session. Among those screened were former governors, influential figures, and professionals from various backgrounds. Despite the dramatic moments, the Senate managed to continue with the screening process, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of the nominees' qualifications and potential roles within the government.

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