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Thu, Sep 7, 2023 9:20 PM

83 Health Workers Kidnapped by Bandits in Katsina State

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83 Health Workers Kidnapped by Bandits in Katsina State
No fewer than 83 health workers have been kidnapped by bandits in the last eight years in Katsina State, Nigeria. Medical and Health Workers Union of Nigeria (WHWUN) Chairman, Comrade Mannir Mohammed Suleiman, revealed this disheartening statistic at a recent dinner in honor of Dr Shamsuddeen Yahaya, the reappointed Executive Secretary of the state Primary Health Care Agency. Suleiman highlighted that 65 health workers were released after ransom payments, while 16 others lost their lives during the abductions. With concerns for the safety and welfare of healthcare professionals increasing, the Union called on the state government to review staff registers and overall support for health workers in areas plagued by insecurity.

Banditry in Nigeria's Katsina State has taken a severe toll on the healthcare sector, with a staggering 83 health workers falling victim to kidnappings over the past eight years. This alarming revelation was made by Comrade Mannir Mohammed Suleiman, the State Chairman of the Medical and Health Workers Union of Nigeria (WHWUN), during a special dinner held to honor Dr Shamsuddeen Yahaya's reappointment as the Executive Secretary of the Katsina State Primary Health Care Agency.

Out of the 83 health workers who were abducted, 65 were eventually released following the payment of ransoms. Tragically, 16 other health workers were not as fortunate and lost their lives in the hands of the bandits. The horrifying details serve as a stark reminder of the significant security challenges faced by healthcare professionals in the state.

During his speech, Comrade Suleiman expressed concerns about the wellbeing and safety of health workers in Katsina State. He emphasized the urgent need for the state government to reassess the staff registers and welfare packages provided to health workers working in the Frontline Local Government Areas affected by high levels of insecurity. The current situation discourages health workers from fulfilling their vital roles in delivering healthcare services to the people.

It is critical that the government takes immediate action to address these concerns and ensure the safety of health workers across the state. By reviewing staff registers, authorities can gain a comprehensive understanding of the number and distribution of healthcare personnel in high-risk areas. This information will aid in developing targeted strategies to protect healthcare professionals and enhance their capacity to provide quality healthcare services.

Moreover, improving the welfare packages for health workers will not only incentivize their commitment but also reassure them that their efforts are valued and recognized. Adequate compensation, access to healthcare facilities, and provisions for personal and financial security are essential components that must be prioritized to protect and support health workers in Katsina State.

The Medical and Health Workers Union of Nigeria expressed its confidence in Dr Shamsuddeen Yahaya's ability to lead the state Primary Health Care Agency to greater heights. They extended their congratulations to him and pledged the Union's unwavering support and cooperation in his endeavors. The acknowledgment of his competencies demonstrates the state government's trust in his abilities.

The issue of banditry and insecurity in Nigeria, particularly in states like Katsina, requires urgent attention and comprehensive strategies to safeguard the lives of both citizens and healthcare professionals. Ensuring the safety and welfare of health workers is not only a moral obligation but also a crucial step towards improving healthcare delivery and meeting the healthcare needs of the people.

It is our hope that the state government will heed the Union's call for action and prioritize the protection and support of health workers in Katsina State. By doing so, we can begin to address the growing challenges posed by banditry and create an environment where healthcare professionals can thrive in their mission to serve the people.

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