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Tue, Sep 5, 2023 7:50 PM

DSS Recovers Diverted Palliatives, Arrests Officials in Nasarawa State

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DSS Recovers Diverted Palliatives, Arrests Officials in Nasarawa State
The Department of State Services (DSS) has disclosed that it has recovered diverted palliatives and arrested officials in Nasarawa State. The suspects, including officials from Nasarawa State Emergency Management Agency (NASEMA), were apprehended for selling relief materials meant for the vulnerable citizens. The DSS has called on the public to report any information related to this issue.

In a recent development, the Department of State Services (DSS) has revealed that it has recovered palliatives that were diverted and apprehended individuals involved in the act in Nasarawa State. The suspects, who include officials from Nasarawa State Emergency Management Agency (NASEMA), were allegedly responsible for the sale of relief materials meant for vulnerable citizens.

The DSS, in a statement issued by its Public Relations Officer, Peter Afunanya, stated that it had received reports from various state governments regarding the diversion or sale of palliatives intended for the public. As a result, the agency initiated investigations into the matter, leading to the recovery of some items and the arrest of suspects involved in the illicit activities.

The statement highlighted the interception of a suspected criminal syndicate in Nasarawa State, primarily involved in the diversion and sale of palliatives. The suspects, including officials from NASEMA, colluded with accomplices at Modern Market Lafia, where the relief materials were being unlawfully resold. The individuals responsible for this act have since been handed over for appropriate disciplinary actions.

This incident sheds light on the unfortunate reality of some individuals taking advantage of relief measures meant to alleviate the suffering of vulnerable citizens. The diversion and sale of palliatives, especially during times of crisis, is a grave offense that undermines the trust and expectations of the government and its citizens.

The DSS, through its statement, also urged members of the public to provide any information they may have on similar cases to the relevant security agencies. It emphasized the need for collective action in combating this emerging trend and ensuring that relief materials reach those who really need them.

As investigations continue in other states, this particular operation in Nasarawa State serves as a reminder that unlawful appropriation of vital resources can have significant consequences for those responsible. The DSS's proactive approach in recovering the diverted palliatives and bringing the culprits to justice demonstrates the agency's commitment to upholding the well-being and welfare of Nigerian citizens.

The discovery and subsequent action taken by the DSS should serve as a deterrent to individuals who may consider engaging in similar corrupt practices. It reiterates the government's determination to protect the interests of the people and ensure that relief measures effectively reach those who are most in need.

Overall, the recovery of diverted palliatives and the arrest of officials in Nasarawa State by the DSS highlight the agency's commitment to fighting corruption and ensuring proper utilization of resources meant for the well-being of Nigerians. It is essential for citizens to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the authorities. Together, we can create a society where aid is received by those who truly need it.

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