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Tue, Sep 5, 2023 6:35 AM

Nigerian Correctional Service Empowers Inmates with Bakery Training

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Nigerian Correctional Service Empowers Inmates with Bakery Training
The Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS), Oyo State Command, has trained over 100 inmates on bread making and inaugurated a bakery facility to empower them. This initiative aims to equip inmates with valuable skills that can help them support themselves and their families after leaving the correctional center.

The Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS), Oyo State Command, has taken a commendable step towards rehabilitating and empowering inmates. They recently trained 109 inmates on the art of bread making and inaugurated a state-of-the-art bakery facility at the Agodi Correctional Centre in Ibadan.

The bakery, which was constructed by Anchor Heritage, will provide essential skills training and serve as a means of empowerment for the inmates. The initiative is part of the NCS's commitment to not only incarcerate but also rehabilitate and equip inmates with practical skills that will enable them to lead productive lives upon their release.

The Zonal Controller in charge of Zone F of Corrections, Assistant Controller-General (ACG) Abimbola Ogunyemi, highlighted the importance of skill development in preparing inmates for successful reintegration into society. She explained that 79 out of the 109 inmates completed the bread making training, demonstrating their dedication and willingness to acquire new skills.

Ogunyemi emphasized that the NCS aims to ensure inmates are not only locked away, but also given the opportunity to gain valuable skills. This approach has far-reaching benefits, as it empowers inmates to become self-reliant and provide for themselves and their families post-incarceration.

The Officer in charge of Agodi Correctional Centre, Deputy Controller of Corrections (DCC) Samuel Ayodele, expressed his satisfaction with the positive behavior exhibited by the inmates. He shared his pleasure in seeing the inmates happy and emphasized that corrections officers are not there to judge but to rehabilitate and reform individuals.

The Chief Operating Officer of Anchor Heritage, Bidemi Oladipupo, passionately stated their interest in seeing inmates lead fulfilling lives after their release. By equipping them with skills through the bakery training initiative, they hope to contribute to the successful reintegration of inmates into society.

This empowering initiative exemplifies the positive impact correctional centers can have on the lives of inmates and their communities. It has been proven time and again that providing inmates with skills training significantly increases their chances of reintegrating successfully and reduces the likelihood of reoffending.

The NCS's commitment to rehabilitation and skills development is an inspiration, demonstrating their progressive approach to correcting and transforming individuals. It is our hope that other correctional centers across Nigeria will follow suit, embracing similar initiatives to provide hope, opportunities, and a chance for a new beginning to the incarcerated population.

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