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Mon, Sep 11, 2023 4:45 PM

Terrorists Kill Two Christians and Kidnap Six in Nigeria

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Terrorists Kill Two Christians and Kidnap Six in Nigeria
Terrorists in Nigeria's Taraba state killed two Christians and kidnapped six others in an early morning attack. This incident adds to the rising cases of violence and religious persecution in the country, where Christians are targeted by various militant groups. Nigeria leads the world in Christians killed for their faith, making it one of the most dangerous places to be a Christian.

In yet another act of violence and religious persecution in Nigeria, terrorists killed two Christians and kidnapped six others. This incident occurred in the Mile Six area of Jalingo, Taraba state, in the early hours of Sunday.

"These terrorists killed Balanko Alex and his wife, while many other Christians were injured during the attack," said Emmanuel Moses, a resident of the area.

This unfortunate event comes after the kidnapping of two Christians on the Takum Road between Manya and Gangum just a few days before.

Confirming the incident, Abdullahi Usman, spokesman for the Taraba State Police Command, stated, "The gunmen gained access to the house of the victims by scaling over the fence. They killed the owner of the house, Balanko Alex, and his wife, and kidnapped other persons."

Nigeria has been grappling with a wave of violence and terrorism, with Christians bearing the brunt of the attacks. According to the World Watch List report by Open Doors, Nigeria saw the highest number of Christians killed for their faith in 2022, totaling 5,014. The country also topped the list for Christians abducted, sexually assaulted or harassed, forcibly married, or physically and mentally abused. Additionally, Nigeria witnessed the most attacks on homes, businesses, and churches for faith-based reasons.

The Fulani herdsmen, Boko Haram, Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), and other militant groups are responsible for the raids on Christian communities, conducting acts of violence such as killings, maiming, rape, and abduction. This violence has even spilled over into the Christian-majority south of the nation.

The Nigerian government continues to deny that these attacks are religious persecution, allowing the violators to act with impunity.

While the majority of Fulani people are not extremists and do not hold radical views, some elements within the Fulani community adhere to radical Islamist ideology. The All-Party Parliamentary Group for International Freedom or Belief (APPG) noted in a 2020 report that these extremists demonstrate a clear intent to target Christians and enforce their radical beliefs by attacking Christian communities and symbols of Christian identity.

Christian leaders in Nigeria believe that the attacks by Fulani herdsmen in the country's Middle Belt are driven by their desire to forcefully take over Christian lands and impose Islam. The herdsman's traditional way of life has been affected by desertification, leading to conflicts over land and resources.

The rise in violence against Christians in Nigeria is deeply concerning and highlights the urgent need for the Nigerian government and the international community to take decisive action to protect religious freedom and the lives of innocent civilians.

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