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Mon, Sep 11, 2023 10:10 PM

Partial Demolition of Distressed Buildings on Lagos Island and Mushin Axis

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Partial Demolition of Distressed Buildings on Lagos Island and Mushin Axis
The Lagos State Building Control Agency (LASBCA) has carried out a partial demolition of distressed high-rise structures on Lagos Island and Mushin axis. The move is aimed at preventing potential collapse and ensuring the safety of residents and traders in the affected areas. LASBCA officials, led by Mr. Olaopa Olusoji, Director of Enforcement, embarked on the assessment and demolition exercise. The buildings that were partially demolished include four-storey structures in Lagos Island's Oke-Arin Street Market and Mushin's Garba Musa Street. LASBCA removed doors of shops and provided traders an opportunity to remove their wares and fittings from the buildings. Families living in the affected buildings also swiftly evacuated. The agency emphasized the importance of taking immediate action to protect lives, stating that the distressed structures posed a significant risk. The partial demolitions were carried out after statutory notices were served by the agency.

The Lagos State Building Control Agency (LASBCA) recently embarked on a partial demolition exercise to ensure the safety of residents and traders in Lagos Island and Mushin. The agency, led by Mr. Olaopa Olusoji, Director of Enforcement, assessed and demolished distressed high-rise structures in these areas.

On Lagos Island, LASBCA's team alerted residents and traders at the popular Oke-Arin Street Market about the danger posed by extremely distressed four-storey buildings that required immediate demolition. In response, traders and residents hurriedly removed their property and wares as LASBCA officials began to partially demolish the structures, namely numbers 18, 19, and 21. Additionally, an unnumbered two-storey building on Oke-Arin Street underwent demolition. LASBCA ensured that shops' doors were removed, allowing traders to salvage their wares and fittings.

During the operation, families living in a four-storey building at number 21 were also required to evacuate. Although the sudden evacuation was difficult, one tenant mentioned the importance of leaving the building alive with their family. They expressed gratitude for having somewhere to keep their belongings temporarily while searching for an alternative place to live.

The agency then moved to the adjoining Doherty Street, where they partially demolished two slanted four-storey buildings joined by a supporting pillar. Some occupants claimed they were informed by developers that the buildings would not be demolished until February 2024 and had paid rent accordingly. This highlighted the necessity for government bodies to continuously monitor buildings from their foundation stage to prevent occupants from experiencing future demolitions.

Meanwhile, at Garba Musa Street in Mushin, another four-storey building underwent partial demolition. Concerned neighbors and sympathizers gathered around the cordoned off area during the operation. In addition, a four-storey building at 41 Sarki St., Idiaraba, raised concerns as its beams and pillars were already falling off. Occupants were observed moving their belongings out of one of the apartments the previous night.

The LASBCA team took appropriate measures, removing portions of balconies and doors in some instances for safety reasons. They refrained from undertaking total demolition due to the fear of the buildings collapsing entirely. The agency also partially demolished two separate three-floor buildings at Layi Oyekanmi Street, Ilasa in Mushin. Numerous other distressed buildings were sealed and marked for eviction and demolition.

Mr. Olaopa Olusoji, the LASBCA Director of Enforcement, explained that the partial demolition was necessary to enforce immediate evacuation of affected buildings. Olusoji emphasized that these highly distressed structures posed a significant risk to people's lives. The agency had issued statutory notices to the property owners, giving them ample time to comply with evacuation orders.

The LASBCA's efforts to partially demolish the distressed buildings demonstrate the government's commitment to ensuring the safety of residents and traders. By taking prompt action, potential calamities have been averted, preventing loss of lives and property. The agency's call for continuous monitoring of buildings from their early stages serves as a reminder that proactive measures can protect people from future incidents.

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