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Sun, Sep 3, 2023 11:15 PM

PDP Sweeps All 18 Local Government Areas in the 2023 Edo State Local Government Council Election

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PDP Sweeps All 18 Local Government Areas in the 2023 Edo State Local Government Council Election
The ruling People's Democratic Party (PDP) emerged victorious in all 18 Local Government Areas of Edo State, according to the results announced by the Edo State Independent Electoral Commission (EDSIEC). This landslide victory comes after four major political parties collapsed their structures in support of Governor Obaseki and the PDP. The Commission will present certificates of return to the winning candidates later today.

The Edo State Independent Electoral Commission (EDSIEC) has confirmed the victory of the ruling People's Democratic Party (PDP) in the recently held Local Government Council election. According to the Commission, the PDP emerged victorious in all 18 Local Government Areas of Edo State.

EDSIEC's image maker, Albert Eguaoje, announced that certificates of return will be presented to the successful candidates in a ceremony scheduled for later today. This victory reaffirms the PDP's stronghold in the state's political landscape.

Initially, seven political parties registered to participate in the elections. However, the Action Alliance (AA), Allied Peoples Movement (APM), Accord (A), and African Democratic Congress (ADC) later collapsed their structures, throwing their support behind the PDP.

At a press conference, representatives from these four parties voiced their decision to withdraw from the elections. They cited the need to support Governor Obaseki in delivering democratic dividends to the people as their motivation for this action. The communiqué signed by Osaro Uwaifo, Action Alliance (AA); Omorogbe Joseph, Accord (A); Charles Ogieriakhi, Allied Peoples Movement (APM); and Frank Osifo, African Democratic Congress (ADC), highlighted their commitment to the governor's vision.

This overwhelming victory has further solidified the PDP's position as the dominant political force in Edo State. With all 18 Local Government Areas firmly under their control, the party is well-positioned to implement its development agenda.

Governor Obaseki's administration has been met with mixed reviews since assuming office. However, the collapse of these major political parties in favor of the ruling party sends a strong message of support and confidence in the governor's leadership.

The EDSIEC's pronouncement of the election results also signals the success of the electoral process in the state. With a peaceful and credible election, the people have exercised their democratic rights and chosen their representatives for the local government councils.

As the results are officially certified and the elected candidates receive their certificates of return, the focus now shifts to the task at hand. The PDP-led administration must deliver on its promises and ensure that the people of Edo State experience the anticipated democratic dividends.

This victory serves as a clear mandate for the PDP to deliver good governance, infrastructural development, and improved living standards across all 18 Local Government Areas. It is an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to the welfare and progress of the state.

With the conclusion of the election and the subsequent victory for the PDP, attention will now turn to the effective implementation of government policies and programs. The elected council officials will be entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that the aspirations of the people are realized.

It remains to be seen how this landslide victory will impact the political landscape in Edo State and the performance of the PDP-led administration. The future of the state lies in the hands of these newly elected representatives, and the people eagerly await the positive changes they promised during their campaigns.

The Local Government Council election in Edo State is another chapter in its democratic journey. With the PDP's victory in all 18 Local Government Areas, the party now has a strong foundation to build upon and deliver on its promises to the people.

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