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Fri, Sep 1, 2023 3:40 PM

Niger State First Class Graduates Appeal for Employment Opportunities and Scholarships

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Niger State First Class Graduates Appeal for Employment Opportunities and Scholarships
The Niger State First Class Graduates (NSFCG) have appealed to the executive governor of Niger State for employment opportunities and scholarships to further their education. They express their desire to contribute meaningfully to the growth and development of the state and highlight the need for support in order to inspire others to pursue education and excellence. The NSFCG draws inspiration from visionary leaders in other states who have championed human capital development. They also commend previous empowerment initiatives in Niger State and hold steadfast belief in the governor's dedication to uplifting the youth and enhancing development.

We, the Niger State First Class Graduates (NSFCG), extend our warm regards and seek your invaluable support for employment opportunities and scholarships to further our education. This appeal is made with great respect and the utmost desire to contribute meaningfully to the growth and development of Niger State under your leadership.

It is with great pride and inspiration that I assume the role of the pioneer chairman of NSFCG, especially during a time when you have ascended to the esteemed position as one of the youngest governors in Nigeria. This convergence is both emotional and motivational, serving as a beacon of hope for young intellectuals of Niger State like us who aspire to follow in your footsteps with the necessary guidance, mentorship, and empowerment from our esteemed leaders. Congratulations on your well-deserved election and inauguration as the Executive Governor of Niger State. We extend our best wishes and prayers for your success in the formidable tasks of leadership and governance, guided by divine wisdom.

The NSFCG comprises First Class Graduates who hail from various universities and are proud indigenes of Niger State. Our membership spans nearly all of the 25 Local Government Areas, united by a common goal - to fulfill the high expectations society places on those who achieve the pinnacle of academic excellence through hard work, exemplary character, sacrifice, determination, and brilliance. As role models, we understand the responsibility that accompanies our achievements, and we aspire to make positive contributions to our society, guided by the values we hold dear.

We express our concern that the absence of support for some of us, despite our exceptional merits and academic achievements, may inadvertently diminish the inspiration, value, and faith in education, determination, and hard work that our society needs. It is our belief that individuals like us should not be left without the necessary support but rather should be empowered to serve as beacons of excellence, motivating others to follow in our footsteps.

Recognizing the need to address this disparity and utilize our potential for the betterment of Niger State, the NSFCG has taken the initiative to raise awareness about our current predicament. We are keenly aware of the profound impact we could make in contributing to the growth and development of our state, inspiring the public to remain steadfast in their pursuit of education, lofty aspirations, and unwavering determination.

In this context, we note the remarkable strides made by other states, such as Kano under the leadership of Former Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso, who championed human capital development through substantial investments in foreign scholarships for first-class graduates, alongside Governor Nasir Elrufa'i of Kaduna State who witnessed infrastructural advancements through championing Urban Renewal policy and Kashim Ibrahim Fellowship (KIF) for most brilliant and outstanding graduates in the state. Permit me, Your Excellency Sir, to say that it is this visionary approach that distinguishes leaders and leaves an indelible mark on society.

We also commend the Talba Program, an initiative that provided gainful employment for numerous unemployed youths in Niger State, leaving a lasting legacy of empowerment and transformation for beneficiaries and their families alike.

Your Excellency Sir, as esteemed leaders with a genuine passion for the betterment of our state, we appeal for the following:

  1. Employment Opportunities: We request your support in creating employment opportunities for the NSFCG. By utilizing our skills and capabilities, we can contribute effectively to the development of Niger State across various sectors.
  2. Scholarships: We humbly seek scholarships or financial assistance to further our education and expertise. Investing in our intellectual abilities will yield significant long-term benefits in advancing the state's educational landscape and fostering excellence in various fields.
  3. Mentorship and Guidance: We request mentorship programs and guidance from experienced professionals and leaders in Niger State. Their expertise, advice, and strategic insights will provide invaluable support for our personal and professional growth.
  4. Visibility and Recognition: We appeal for platforms and recognition that showcase the achievements and potential of the NSFCG. By highlighting our success stories, we can inspire others to believe in the power of education and hard work.

Sir, we hold steadfast belief in your dedication to uplift the youth, enhance human and infrastructural development, and curtail the challenges of crime and insecurity. By considering our appeal, you will not only empower a group of exceptional individuals but also sow the seeds for a more prosperous and vibrant future for Niger State and its citizens.

With profound respect and anticipation, we remain committed to working diligently for the betterment of our beloved state.

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