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Tue, Sep 5, 2023 12:50 AM

Charting the Way Forward: Dr. Oyedepo Urges Africans in the Knowledge Industry to Embrace Change

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Charting the Way Forward: Dr. Oyedepo Urges Africans in the Knowledge Industry to Embrace Change
Dr. David Oyedepo, Chancellor of Covenant University, called on Africans in the knowledge industry to wake up and develop learning modules aimed at shaping a new Africa. Speaking at the QS Africa Forum 2023, he emphasized the lack of capacity utilization of the continent's natural resources and urged professionals to find indigenous solutions through massive investment in education. This article explores the importance of intellectual innovation and sustainable education for Africa's development.

Lagos, Nigeria - Dr. David Oyedepo, the visionary Chancellor of Covenant University (CU) in Ogun State, has issued a clarion call to African professionals in the knowledge industry, urging them to awaken from their slumber and spearhead the transformation of the continent through innovative and sustainable education.

Delivering his speech during the opening ceremony of the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) Africa Forum 2023, themed "Education Africa 2030 and Beyond - Sustainability and Social Impact in an African Context," hosted at the Covenant University Centre for Research, Innovation and Discovery (CUCRID) in Ota, Ogun State, Dr. Oyedepo declared that the time for change had come.

Identifying the lack of adequate capacity utilization as a major setback for Africa's progress, Dr. Oyedepo stressed the importance of exercising the brain muscles through peak learning and solution-driven reasoning. He drew parallels between a weak physical body and a lagging intellectual capacity, asserting that a developed people are the key to a developed nation.

"Our problem in this part of the world lies in the lack of adequate engagement, which is largely responsible for where we are today," Dr. Oyedepo expressed. "Every great nation is a function of the valuable contributions of individuals and organizations within her domain."

To rectify the situation, Dr. Oyedepo highlighted the need for Africa's knowledge industry to retrace its steps and invest heavily in the education sector. He urged professionals to find indigenous solutions to the continent's challenges, fostering intellectual innovation and creative problem-solving.

Emphasizing Covenant University's commitment to shaping a new Africa, Dr. Oyedepo ignited hope for a future built on the foundation of sustainable education and affirmed the institution's undying passion for intellectual development.

Dr. Ashwin Fernandes, the Executive Director for Africa, Middle East, and South Asia at QS, acknowledged the forum's focus on exploring educational approaches and systems that promote sustainability and encourage social impact.

"Education remains as pivotal as ever, serving as the cornerstone for cultivating sustainable growth and driving meaningful social change within our African communities," Fernandes emphasized.

Ms. Veronica Omeni, the Principal Consultant and Chairman of the QS Africa Forum 2023, echoed Fernandes' sentiments, describing the event as a meeting of minds with lofty ideas. She emphasized the importance of data-driven strategic approaches to designing, managing, and developing education that caters to the needs of Africans in their unique context.

Renowned education expert Prof. Peter Okebukola, former Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission (NUC), emphasized the significance of investing more in education to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in African countries.

In his analysis, Prof. Okebukola emphasized that the implementation of policies in crucial areas like education and food security requires both political will from leaders and support from citizens. Noting the current status of SDG progress in most African countries, he highlighted the dire need for increased investment in education.

In conclusion, Dr. Oyedepo's call to action resonates deeply with the need for Africa's knowledge industry to awaken and embrace change. By charting a new course through intellectual innovation, indigenous solutions, and significant investment in education, Africa can unlock its immense potential and shape a brighter future for generations to come. It is time for Africa to rise as a beacon of knowledge and sustainable growth.

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