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Mon, Aug 28, 2023 6:10 PM

Nigeria Customs Seize Containers of Illicit Drugs Worth N550 Million

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Nigeria Customs Seize Containers of Illicit Drugs Worth N550 Million
The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has intercepted two 40ft containers filled with unregistered and illicit pharmaceutical drugs worth N550,265,669. The containers originated from India and were seized at the Tin-Can Customs Command. The importer, Mr. Boniface Ike, attempted to bribe Customs officers with $54,330 in a failed bid to retain his freedom and have the containers released. NAFDAC, the regulatory body for pharmaceutical products in Nigeria, has confirmed that the intercepted drugs do not have the necessary permits and certificates for importation.

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) continues to demonstrate its commitment to combating illicit activities in the country. In yet another significant seizure, two 40ft containers filled with unregistered and illicit pharmaceutical drugs were intercepted at the Tin-Can Customs Command in Lagos.

The containers, with numbers MRSU 592397/0 and MRKU 553432/1, arrived from India and aroused suspicion among Customs officials. Upon further inspection, the containers were found to contain a staggering amount of dangerous substances worth N550,265,669. The illicit drugs were cleverly concealed among other legitimate items, including electrical goods, ceiling fans, and chilly cutters.

The Controller of the Tin-Can Customs Command, Adekunle Oloyede, revealed that the importer, Mr. Boniface Ike, has admitted to the ownership of the seized containers. However, Mr. Ike's attempts to evade legal consequences took a shocking turn when he tried to bribe Customs officers with a staggering sum of $54,330 (equivalent to N50 million at the current exchange rate) in exchange for his freedom and the release of the containers.

The bribe attempt was quickly reported, and Mr. Ike was promptly arrested. The money he offered as a bribe is now in safe custody at the Tin-Can Customs Command and will be presented as evidence against him during legal proceedings.

NAFDAC, the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, has confirmed that the intercepted drugs are unregistered and dangerous. These illicit pharmaceutical products are subject to strict regulations for the safety of Nigerian consumers. The absence of necessary permits and certificates further emphasizes the grave nature of this seizure.

The Nigeria Customs Service, together with NAFDAC, remains committed to safeguarding the well-being of Nigerians by preventing the infiltration of illicit drugs into the country. This latest seizure highlights the vigilance and determination of Customs officers in combating drug trafficking and other illicit activities.

The arrested suspects, including Mr. Boniface Ike, are currently in the custody of the Customs Enforcement Unit, where they will undergo further investigation. Their actions not only jeopardize public health but also undermine the integrity of the nation's borders.

The Nigeria Customs Service's remarkable interception of these illicit drugs sends a strong message to potential criminals involved in drug trafficking and smuggling. The collaboration between different enforcement agencies, such as NCS and NAFDAC, plays a crucial role in curbing such illegal activities and protecting the welfare of Nigerian citizens.

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