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Wed, Aug 23, 2023 8:05 PM

The Role of National Assembly Oversight in Nigeria's Democracy

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The Role of National Assembly Oversight in Nigeria's Democracy
The Speaker of the House of Representatives emphasizes the critical role of the National Assembly in holding the government accountable through oversight. He also highlights the Assembly's commitment to ensuring transparency, accountability, and citizen engagement.

ABUJA - The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Right Honourable Abbas Tajudeen, PhD, has reaffirmed the essential role of the National Assembly in Nigeria's democracy by ensuring transparency, accountability, and citizen engagement. Speaking at a workshop on 'Assessment of the National Monitoring and Evaluation Policy of Nigeria and the Role of Legislature,' the Speaker emphasized the significance of the 10th Assembly's oversight in holding the government accountable.

According to Speaker Abbas, the oversight function of the National Assembly is crucial to ensuring that Nigeria's commonwealth is effectively managed for the benefit of all citizens. The Constitution empowers the Legislature, as the representatives of the people, to monitor and evaluate the utilization of public funds, as well as the implementation of policies and laws.

Highlighting the importance of oversight in a democratic government, Speaker Abbas stated, "Through oversight, the National Assembly plays a pivotal role in ensuring government accountability, exposing financial mismanagement and corruption, and safeguarding the judicious use of public resources."

Speaker Abbas stressed that the National Assembly's oversight activities are aimed at institutionalizing good governance practices and improving socioeconomic development in Nigeria. The Legislature's monitoring and evaluation policy allows the government to assess policy performance, identify areas of success, and improve strategies for resource allocation.

In line with their Legislative Agenda, the 10th House of Representatives is determined to enhance the discharge of its oversight function. Speaker Abbas announced new measures, including quarterly reports from committees on their activities, the submission of investigative hearing reports to the House for further action, and the implementation of codes of ethics and guidelines to ensure transparency and accountability.

To further reinforce transparency and engage citizens in legislative activities, the National Assembly has launched the 'Open NASS' project. This initiative encourages citizens to participate in oversight processes and enables them to question the Assembly regarding the utilization of allocated funds.

The Speaker reiterated that accountability works both ways, stating, "If we ask questions about the usage of public funds, we must be ready to take such questions from the citizens at whose command we function."

In conclusion, the National Assembly's oversight of the government is vital to Nigeria's democracy. By fulfilling this critical function, the Legislature ensures that public funds are utilized efficiently, financial misconduct is exposed, and the aspirations of the Nigerian people are codified into policies and laws. The commitment to transparency, accountability, and citizen engagement displayed by the 10th House of Representatives sets a precedent for responsible governance and strengthens the foundation of Nigeria's democracy.

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