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Tue, Aug 29, 2023 12:10 AM

Edo State Governor Celebrates 60th Anniversary of Midwest Referendum

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Edo State Governor Celebrates 60th Anniversary of Midwest Referendum
Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, commemorates the 60th anniversary of the Midwest Referendum, highlighting the region's bold character and love for freedom. Despite the socio-economic challenges faced, he calls for a reset of institutions and structures to build a model of good governance and progress.

Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, yesterday, declared that the Midwest Region, which was created through the Midwest Referendum 60 years ago, holds a significant place in Nigeria's history. He paid tribute to the region's forefathers who exhibited a bold character and love for freedom, enabling them to achieve self-determination.

Oba Eweka II, Oba Akenzua II, Chief Dennis Osadebey, and Chief Anthony Enahoro were among the notable leaders who played a crucial role in securing the creation of the then Midwestern Region. Their determination allowed the region to break free from regional dominance and assert its political identity.

Governor Obaseki emphasized that the Midwest Referendum marked the region's commitment to democratic ideals, as it was the first state in Nigeria to be created by a referendum. The people's unity, resilience, and collective action were foundational elements that inspired progress and development.

While acknowledging the achievements over the past six decades, Governor Obaseki also highlighted the socio-economic challenges still faced by the people of the Midwest. He stressed the need for a reset of institutions and structures that supported the region in the past to address these challenges effectively.

During his speech, the governor expressed the desire to build a state that serves as a beacon of progress and a model of good governance. He emphasized the importance of collaboration among leaders to achieve this goal and stated that the indomitable spirit of the people would guide the way.

Governor Obaseki further posed the question of whether Nigeria today faces similar conditions to those that prompted the Midwest Referendum in 1963. He suggested that a less cumbersome system of government, promoting competition among sub-nationals and reducing dependency on the central government, could be beneficial for Nigeria's economic rejuvenation.

Highlighting the current economic challenges faced by the country, including the removal of fuel subsidies, the governor called for a reevaluation of Nigeria's economic fortunes. He emphasized the need to harness the potentials of Edo State's resources and talents, creating an environment conducive to innovation and creativity.

In conclusion, Governor Obaseki expressed his gratitude to all those who contributed to the growth and development of the Midwest region. He called for continued collaboration to build a strong and virile region, serving as a testament to the Midwest Referendum's legacy.

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