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News Summary of February 21, 2024 in Nigeria

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News Summary of February 21, 2024 in Nigeria
Latest news summary in Nigeria

'ECOWAS is making efforts to get across to Niger': Nigerian defence chief

The Nigerian defence chief says that ECOWAS is making efforts to communicate with Niger.

Oyebanji Seeks US Partnership on Economic Growth, Cocoa Devt

Oyebanji is seeking a partnership with the US on economic growth and cocoa development.

Africa: Nigeria Shines Bright At Badminton Championship in Cairo

Nigeria performs well at the Badminton Championship in Cairo.

We'll construct Gwagwa-Karimo-Dei-Dei road - Wike

Wike plans to construct the Gwagwa-Karimo-Dei-Dei road.

Death toll from Lassa fever rises to 14 in southern Nigeria

The death toll from Lassa fever increases to 14 in southern Nigeria.

ജനനം മുതൽ പോറ്റി വളർത്തിയയാളെ സിംഹം ആക്രമിച്ചുകൊന്നു; ആക്രമിച്ചത് ഭ‍ക്ഷണം നൽകാനെത്തിയപ്പോൾ... | Madhyamam

A lion attacks and kills a person who raised it from birth; the attack happened when the person approached the lion to feed it.

Nigeria Raises $996 Million in Bond Auction as Yields Attract Investors

Nigeria raises $996 million in a bond auction as yields attract investors.

JUST IN: Uncertainty As Dollar, Pounds Hit New High -

There is uncertainty as the dollar and pound hit a new high.

UPDATED: Real reason NARTO called off strike

The real reason NARTO called off their strike is updated.

Шесть человек погибли в результате нападения боевиков в Нигерии

Six people are killed in an attack by militants in Nigeria.

Oyebanji Seeks US Partnership On Economic Growth, Cocoa Development

Oyebanji is seeking a partnership with the US on economic growth and cocoa development.

Fubara Assigns Portfolios To Five Special Advisers - :::...The Tide News Online:::...

Fubara assigns portfolios to five special advisers.

Shell outlines deepwater plans offshore Nigeria

Shell outlines their deepwater plans offshore Nigeria.

Ondo InsurTech schließt Leakbot-Vereinbarung mit Selective Agreement

Ondo InsurTech secures a Leakbot agreement with Selective Agreement.

Fuel: Relief as NARTO suspends strike

The suspension of NARTO's strike brings relief for fuel supplies.

NBC opens recycling bank in Lagos

NBC opens a recycling bank in Lagos.

Petrol Tanker drivers Suspends Nationwide Strike Following Talks with Government and Stakeholders

Petrol tanker drivers suspend their nationwide strike after discussions with the government and stakeholders.

Three factors driving Nigeria's kidnapping crisis - Mission Network News

Three factors are driving Nigeria's kidnapping crisis.

Africa's largest economy is battling a currency crisis and a crumbling economy

Nigeria, Africa's largest economy, is facing a currency crisis and a struggling economy.

Petrol tanker drivers suspend nationwide strike | New Mail Nigeria

Petrol tanker drivers suspend their nationwide strike.

NARTO clarifies demands, downplays impact on fuel prices - Ripples Nigeria

NARTO clarifies their demands and downplays the impact on fuel prices.

Tackle Business-Sqeezing Inflation, ACCI Urges Tinubu - :::...The Tide News Online:::...

The ACCI urges Tinubu to address the business-squeezing inflation.

LASPAGA Expresses Readiness To Rejoin RTEAN In Lagos

LASPAGA expresses readiness to rejoin RTEAN in Lagos.

Whitecrust Investment Secures CBN's Approval in Principle for Whitecrust Finance Company Limited. - Businessday NG

Whitecrust Investment secures CBN's approval in principle for Whitecrust Finance Company Limited.

Ondo declares 2-day public holiday in honor of Akeredolu -- National Accord Newspaper

The Government of Ondo declares a 2-day public holiday in honor of Akeredolu.

'A CEDEAO está a fazer esforços para chegar ao Níger': Chefe da Defesa nigeriano - Tw2sl

ECOWAS is making efforts to reach Niger, according to the Nigerian defence chief.

Unyielding Faith Amid Darkness - International Christian Concern

An article highlighting the unyielding faith of Christians in the face of darkness.

JUST IN: Nigerians Panic As Fuel Hits N1000 Per Litre -

Nigerians panic as fuel reaches N1000 per litre.

ನೈಜೀರಿಯಾ: ಸಾಕಿ ಬೆಳೆಸಿದ ಮೃಗಾಲಯ ಸಿಬ್ಬಂದಿಯನ್ನೇ ಕಚ್ಚಿ ಸಿಗಿದು ಕೊಂದ ಸಿಂಹ!

A lion kills its owner who raised it from a cub and approaches it.

NiMet Forecast Shows Delayed Onset of Rain for North-central States

The NiMet forecast predicts a delayed onset of rain for north-central states.

NiMet predicts early rainfall in Borno, Abia, others - Daily Trust

NiMet predicts early rainfall in Borno, Abia, and other regions.

Kano state Assembly re-run: CP Gumel warns against thuggery, electoral malpractice -

The CP of Gumel warns against thuggery and electoral malpractice in the Kano state Assembly re-run.

Kwara Tasks NYSC's Members on National Development

Kwara tasks NYSC members on national development.

WFP Considers Local Food Procurement Review Amid Nigeria's Price Hike

The WFP is considering a review of local food procurement amidst Nigeria's price hike.

NUC approves three more faculties for Delta 'Varsity -Oborevwori -

The NUC approves three more faculties for Delta University, according to Oborevwori.

We won't allow bureaucracy stall Abuja's devt -Wike

Wike states that he will not allow bureaucracy to hinder Abuja's development.

Nigeria sells about $1 billion of bonds as yields lure investors

Nigeria sells approximately $1 billion of bonds as yields attract investors.

Gov. Zulum unveils counterterrorism curriculum for Islamic Schools in Borno

Gov. Zulum introduces a counterterrorism curriculum for Islamic schools in Borno.

Demands from FG won't impact petrol price, says NARTO - Businessday NG

NARTO states that demands from the FG will not impact the petrol price.

Diesel price remains N1,400 per litre in Nigeria

The price of diesel remains at N1,400 per litre in Nigeria.

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