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Mon, Jul 10, 2023 5:04 PM

Nigerian Political Science Association Calls for Transparency and Inclusive Governance

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Nigerian Political Science Association Calls for Transparency and Inclusive Governance
The Nigerian Political Science Association (NPSA) has urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to run an open, inclusive, and transparent system of governance. The association emphasized the need for a combination of competent technocrats and seasoned politicians with proven integrity. It also called on the government to address the financial pressures faced by Nigerians due to recent developments and the removal of fuel subsidy. Additionally, NPSA recommended a holistic and proactive approach to security challenges and a reduction in the cost of governance by adjusting remuneration for political office holders.

The Nigerian Political Science Association (NPSA) has called on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to embrace a system of governance that fosters transparency, inclusivity, and effective leadership. In a recent communique signed by the association's President, Prof. Hassan A. Saliu, the NPSA stressed the importance of combining competent technocrats with seasoned politicians of proven integrity to steer Nigeria towards progress and development.

The NPSA also highlighted the need for the federal government to implement policies aimed at alleviating the financial pressures faced by Nigerians as a result of recent developments. The association cited the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, currency swap initiated by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), inflation, unemployment, and high poverty levels. It further emphasized the impact of the recent removal of fuel subsidy on PMS, which has further burdened the citizens.

With regards to the security challenges plaguing the nation, the NPSA advised the government to adopt an all-encompassing approach that prioritizes preventive measures rather than solely relying on reactive tactics. It emphasized the importance of proactive strategies that can anticipate and contain emerging security challenges.

The NPSA's communique also addressed the rising cost of governance in Nigeria. The association acknowledged that the country's cost of governance is significantly higher compared to other democracies, both within Africa and beyond. The NPSA expressed concerns over the financial burden and called for measures to reduce the remuneration of political office holders.

While acknowledging that certain issues may require constitutional amendments, the NPSA emphasized the possibility of immediate administrative action to cut down on the cost of governance. By reassessing the remuneration of political office holders, the association believes that a substantial reduction in the cost of governance can be achieved. However, it recognizes that implementing such measures may be challenging and unpopular.

The Nigerian Political Science Association's message serves as a call to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to prioritize transparency, inclusivity, and effectiveness in governance. It seeks to address the financial burdens faced by Nigerians and proposes a comprehensive approach to security challenges. Furthermore, the association stresses the importance of an efficient and cost-effective governance structure.

As Nigeria looks towards the future, the nation's progress and development rest heavily on the shoulders of its leaders. By heeding the NPSA's call, President Tinubu has the opportunity to set a precedent for open, inclusive, and transparent governance, ensuring that the best interests of Nigerians are served.

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