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Fri, Aug 25, 2023 7:06 PM

Anambra State Police Commissioner Vows to Clamp Down on Cultists in Awka

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Anambra State Police Commissioner Vows to Clamp Down on Cultists in Awka
Anambra State Police Commissioner, CP Aderemi Adeoye, has declared war against cultists in Awka, promising to restore peace and tranquility in the state capital. In a strong-worded statement, the commissioner described cultists as murderers and their sponsors as cowardly individuals. He vowed to come down hard on these heartless criminals and warned against attempts to secure their release. The commissioner solicited the cooperation of law-abiding citizens in the fight against cultism.

AWKA - Anambra State Police Commissioner, CP Aderemi Adeoye has vowed to clamp down on cultists running amok in the State Capital, Awka.

The Commissioner, who described the cultists as murderers, said they are not fit to live among decent human beings in the society.

He described those sponsoring the cultists to kill humans like them as cowards who should cover their faces in shame.

He vowed that the Police Command would come down very hard on the heartless cultists who take pleasure in killing people. He warned that no one should call him for the release of any cultist arrested in the coming clampdown unless they want to be disgraced.

The Commissioner has ordered an all-out operation against cultists and their sponsors in the State. He assured the good people of Anambra State that their peace and tranquility that was punctured by the recent cult-related killing in the capital will soon be restored. He solicited the cooperation of all law-abiding citizens in ridding society of the menace of cultists.

The rise of cult-related violence in Awka has become a major concern for the police and residents alike. These criminal groups, known for their brutal tactics, are responsible for several heinous crimes, including murder, rape, and robbery. The recent escalation in cult-related killings has sent shockwaves through the community and prompted the Commissioner of Police to take swift action.

CP Aderemi Adeoye's strong stance against cultists and their sponsors is laudable. By declaring war against these criminals, he sends a clear message that their actions will not be tolerated in Anambra State. The commissioner's determination to restore peace and tranquility in Awka should be commended.

It is important to recognize that cultists pose a significant threat to society. Their violent acts not only claim innocent lives but also instill fear and disrupt the daily lives of residents. Cultism has long plagued communities across the country, and it is encouraging to see law enforcement taking decisive action.

The commissioner's warning to those who might try to secure the release of arrested cultists sends a strong message to potential sponsors. By refusing to entertain such requests, CP Aderemi Adeoye ensures that those who aid and abet these criminals also face the consequences of their actions.

The all-out operation against cultists and their sponsors will undoubtedly make an impact. With intensified efforts and targeted strategies, the police force can effectively dismantle these criminal networks. However, the fight against cultism cannot be won by the police alone.

The cooperation of law-abiding citizens is crucial in combating this menace. Community members are urged to provide information to the police, ensuring that these criminals are brought to justice swiftly. By speaking up and refusing to tolerate cultism, residents can contribute to the restoration of peace and harmony in Awka.

It is essential for everyone to understand that cultism does not bring any benefits to society. Instead, it creates division and breeds violence. To build a peaceful and prosperous community, it is necessary to root out this criminal behavior.

The Anambra State Police Commissioner's commitment to ridding Awka of cultists is a step in the right direction. By clamping down on these heartless murderers and their sponsors, he is sending a strong message that their actions will not be tolerated. Let us stand together with the police in their mission to restore peace and tranquility in our beloved capital.

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