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Sun, Aug 13, 2023 8:30 PM

Nigerian Army Denies Reports of Planned Coup d'État

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Nigerian Army Denies Reports of Planned Coup d'État
The Nigerian Army has debunked rumors circulating on social media about a planned coup d'état. Amid tensions over a possible military intervention in neighboring Niger, false reports claimed that the Nigerian Armed Forces had received a request to overthrow the country's government. The military vehemently denied these allegations, expressing its commitment to democracy and loyalty to President Bola Tinubu.

In a recent statement, the Nigerian Army dismissed "disturbing and false reports on social media" regarding a supposed call for a change in the country's leadership. These reports, manipulated and spread by a few dissatisfied individuals, alleged that the Armed Forces had been solicited to stage a coup d'état.

The Army categorically denied having received or issued such a declaration, attributing the rumors to the "diabolical imagination" of those displeased with the nation's progress. The Defense Headquarters, in a Facebook post, reiterated the military's unwavering loyalty to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who has been outspoken against the recent coup in Niger and has advocated for a negotiated solution.

Describing itself as "comfortable with the democratic system," the Nigerian Army asserted its commitment to upholding the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It declared its dedication to defending the nation and urged those propagating the falsehood to desist and face the consequences of the law.

The Army concluded by calling on the population to unite and strengthen Nigerian democracy, emphasizing the need for solidarity in these uncertain times.

The recent coup in Niger, along with previous coups in countries like Burkina Faso and Mali, has heightened tensions in the region. Nigeria has witnessed sporadic protests against potential military involvement in its neighboring country. However, President Tinubu, guided by the recommendations of the Senate, has pursued a negotiated settlement to ensure stability.

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