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Wed, Aug 23, 2023 8:25 PM

Stakeholders Call for Senate President Akpabio's Resignation Over Insensitive Remarks

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Stakeholders Call for Senate President Akpabio's Resignation Over Insensitive Remarks
Stakeholders under the Niger Delta Women League (NDWL) have demanded the immediate resignation of Senate President Godswill Akpabio over his insensitive remarks made during a recent plenary session. The women's group accused Akpabio of desecrating the hallowed chambers and adding insult to the economic injuries of the Nigerian masses. They highlighted the prevailing economic hardship faced by the nation and called on other senators to stand up for the people. The NDWL plans to mobilize one million women to the gate of the National Assembly in September 2023 if Akpabio does not step down.

The Niger Delta Women League (NDWL) has joined the growing chorus calling for the resignation of Senate President, Godswill Akpabio, over his recent pronouncements during a plenary session at the Red Chamber. In a statement issued on Wednesday, the group expressed its displeasure with Akpabio's remarks, accusing him of desecrating the hallowed chambers and adding insult to the economic injuries suffered by the Nigerian man on the streets.

The NDWL lamented the prevailing economic hardship faced by the Nigerian masses, particularly in light of the fuel subsidy removal and the lack of measures to cushion the adverse effects. They criticized Akpabio for his unguarded statements, which they argue only celebrate the elite 10th Senate at the expense of the suffering masses.

The women's group highlighted the alarming economic indicators, warning that the Nigerian situation may soon be comparable to the Great German Depression of 1931. They pointed out the skyrocketing prices of essential commodities such as Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), the rapidly weakening naira against the dollar, high inflation, electricity generation at an all-time low, and the anticipated 50% increase in electricity tariffs.

"With no purchasing power, value, and even the right to basic living conditions, Akpabio feels it is the best time to tell us how they are entitled to go on enjoyment sprees with our national purse, while Nigerians are told to endure," the statement read.

The NDWL also criticized Akpabio's past record, accusing him of heartlessly plundering the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) and the entire Niger Delta region to the tune of 1.4 trillion naira without Senate approval. They alleged that Akpabio used his position as Akwa Ibom State's sole Administrator during the NDDC forensic audit to carry out this act of corruption.

The women's group highlighted the ongoing investigation by anti-corruption agencies into Akpabio's alleged sleaze, emphasizing that his appointment as Senate President was a mockery to the nation. They urged other senators to band together in defense of democracy and vote Akpabio out of office should he refuse to resign voluntarily.

"As women, leaders, and mothers of the Niger Delta, we think it's high time we redeem the image of our region from the unsavory misconduct and shame that Akpabio embodies," the statement continued.

The NDWL called on the Distinguished Senators of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to prioritize the needs of the masses and take decisive action against Akpabio. They warned that failure to do so would result in one million Niger Delta women mobilizing at the National Assembly gate on September 26, 2023, either to express gratitude or to pressure the Senate to take swift action.

Concluding their statement, the NDWL stressed that they would not idly stand by while Akpabio continues to inflict suffering on the Nigerian people through his unguarded acts of impunity and indiscretion.

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