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Fri, Jul 28, 2023 12:50 PM

Digital Entrepreneur Calls on Government to Support SMEs in Nigeria

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Digital Entrepreneur Calls on Government to Support SMEs in Nigeria
Digital Entrepreneur and founder Infosys Digital Solutions, Joyce Ugbosu, has urged the Nigerian government to create a favorable business environment for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the country. Ugbosu highlighted the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and emphasized the significant contributions of SMEs to Nigeria's GDP. She also shared her personal journey as an entrepreneur and her commitment to providing quality education and IT training. Ugbosu called for urgent action to address issues such as power supply, inconsistent policies, and funding constraints, and expressed optimism that the IT and education sectors could play a crucial role in Nigeria's economic growth.

Lagos - Digital Entrepreneur and founder of Infosys Digital Solutions, Joyce Ugbosu, has called on the Nigerian government to prioritize the creation of an enabling environment for entrepreneurs to thrive in the country. Speaking at a media briefing, Ugbosu highlighted the challenges faced by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and stressed the importance of supporting their growth.

According to Ugbosu, SMEs contribute significantly to Nigeria's gross national product (GDP) and deserve a business environment that fosters their development. Highlighting the role of her brand, Infosys Digital Solutions, in the technology and education sectors, Ugbosu shared her journey as an entrepreneur.

Having worked in various IT training firms, Ugbosu founded Compuworks Tech, which later rebranded as Infosys Digital. The company has trained over 50,000 Nigerian learners in IT skills over the past 11 years. Ugbosu's commitment to education led her to establish Lakewood British School, providing affordable quality education and integrating technology into the learning process.

Sharing some of the outcomes of her initiatives, Ugbosu mentioned that many students who went through their programs became self-employed or secured well-paying jobs. Additionally, some individuals have received employment opportunities abroad due to the IT skills they acquired. Ugbosu and her team also provide pro bono training to organizations and teachers, aiming to contribute to the growth of the IT and education sectors in Nigeria.

However, Ugbosu acknowledged the numerous hurdles faced by entrepreneurs and SMEs in Nigeria. She mentioned challenges such as inadequate power supply, currency depreciation, inconsistent government policies, and limited access to funding, which hamper business operations and profitability.

To address these concerns, Ugbosu called on regulatory bodies to stabilize the foreign exchange regime and formulate supportive policies that attract foreign direct investment. She stated that with the right policy framework and government support, the IT and education sectors have the potential to contribute significantly to Nigeria's GDP.

Highlighting the positive contributions of the tech sector, Ugbosu referred to a research study that revealed a 17.47% contribution of the tech sector to Nigeria's GDP, amounting to N1 trillion in the first quarter.

Ugbosu concluded by encouraging entrepreneurs not to give up despite the challenges they face. She urged them to explore fresh opportunities, collaborate with others, and remain resilient during difficult times. As a testament to her words, Ugbosu shared her recent collaboration with another company as she embarked on a new venture.


Joyce Ugbosu's call for an enabling environment for SMEs reflects the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in Nigeria. As the founder of Infosys Digital Solutions, Ugbosu's contributions to the IT and education sectors underscore the potential for growth and innovation in these areas. The Nigerian government should heed Ugbosu's advice and take prompt action to address issues such as power supply, policy consistency, and access to funding. By supporting SMEs and fostering a favorable business environment, Nigeria can unlock the full potential of its entrepreneurs and strengthen its economic growth.

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