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Mon, Sep 11, 2023 1:55 PM

At Least 26 Dead in Boat Accident on Niger River in Nigeria

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At Least 26 Dead in Boat Accident on Niger River in Nigeria
At least 26 people have lost their lives in a tragic boat accident on the Niger River in Nigeria. The incident took place in Mokwa, Niger State, as a boat capsized while ferrying more than 100 passengers. Over 30 individuals have been rescued so far. Boat accidents are unfortunately common in Nigeria due to factors such as overloading and poor regulation of water transport.

Lagos, Sep 11 (EFE) - At least 26 people died in a boat accident on the Niger River in western Nigeria, while over 30 others were rescued according to emergency services late Sunday.

The accident occurred in Mokwa in Niger State as the boat capsized while ferrying more than 100 people to a farm across the river.

Niger State Emergency Management Agency (NSEMA) spokesperson Ibrahim Husseini said in a statement that 26 bodies had been recovered and more than 30 people had been rescued as the operation continued.

NSEMA head Garba Salihu said the accident took place around 07.30 local time in the locality of Gbajibo, between the Jabba and Kainji dams.

Niger State Governor Umaro Bago described the tragedy as shocking and painful, and offered support to the affected communities.

In June, more than a hundred people died in another boat mishap in the Niger River.

Boat accidents are common in Nigeria, mainly due to overloading of vessels and poor regulation of water transport.

This tragedy once again highlights the urgent need for improved safety measures and stricter regulation of water transport in Nigeria. The frequency of boat accidents in the country is a cause for concern, resulting in numerous lives lost.

Overloading of boats is a significant contributing factor to these accidents. Boats carrying more passengers or cargo than their recommended capacity are at a higher risk of capsizing, especially in rough waters.

Poor regulation of water transport exacerbates the problem. Authorities need to enforce strict guidelines and penalties to ensure compliance with safety standards. This includes monitoring the condition and maintenance of boats, ensuring the availability of life jackets and other safety equipment, and conducting regular inspections of vessels.

Community awareness and education about boat safety are equally crucial. Promoting the use of life jackets, encouraging passengers to report cases of overloading, and providing training for boat operators can significantly reduce the risk of accidents.

The government should also invest in advanced navigation and communication systems to enhance real-time monitoring and response capabilities. These technologies can aid in detecting hazardous conditions, tracking boats, and alerting authorities in case of emergencies.

Reducing the number of boat accidents requires collaborative efforts from the government, local communities, and boat operators. Strict enforcement of safety regulations, improved infrastructure, and effective emergency response will go a long way in preventing tragedies like this.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to the families who have lost their loved ones in this devastating boat accident. It is our hope that this incident serves as a wake-up call to prioritize boat safety and take the necessary actions to prevent such incidents from recurring.

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