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Tue, Sep 12, 2023 11:05 PM

Suspected Quack Doctor Arrested for Kidney Harvesting in Nigeria

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Suspected Quack Doctor Arrested for Kidney Harvesting in Nigeria
In a shocking incident, a suspected quack doctor has been arrested in Jos, Nigeria for allegedly harvesting a woman's kidney. The victim's husband had accused the doctor of subjecting his wife to chronic pain for five years after removing one of her kidneys during what was supposed to be a routine appendicitis surgery. The case highlights the need for stricter regulations and oversight of healthcare facilities in Nigeria and serves as a reminder to seek second opinions in medical matters.

JOS, Nigeria - A suspected quack doctor, Noah Kekere, who allegedly harvested a woman's kidney in his clinic in Jos, is now receiving psychiatric treatment at Jos University Teaching Hospital, JUTH.

The State Police Command, which had earlier arrested Kekere, has remained tight-lipped on the case.

Last week, a businessman named Alhaji Kamal accused Kekere of harvesting one of his wife's kidneys and subjecting her to chronic pain for the past five years.

According to Kamal, his wife, Kehinde, was diagnosed with ruptured appendicitis by Kekere in 2018.

Despite ongoing pain post-operation, they continued to consult Kekere for treatment until recently discovering at JUTH that one of Kehinde's kidneys had been removed.

After five days in police custody, Kekere allegedly showed signs of mental illness and was transferred to JUTH for psychiatric care.

"He was brought in yesterday; I can confirm that he is with us for medical care. I have no details yet, but he is here," confirmed a source on Saturday, Sepetember 9, 2023, at the Psychiatry department of JUTH.

Further investigations have revealed that Kekere, who had been posing as a doctor for over 18 years, actually holds degrees in Economics.

Shockingly, he was assisted in the kidney harvesting operation by a qualified medical doctor, who is not a surgeon.

This accomplice has also been arrested, and investigations are ongoing.

Following the alarming revelation, people who have received any form of surgical treatment at Kekere's Murna Clinic and Maternity, located in Yanshanu Community of Jos North Local Government Area, are being advised to undergo further medical screening.

The harrowing case has raised concerns about medical malpractice and the lack of stringent verification processes for medical practitioners in the country.

The incident is also a stark reminder for the public to always seek a second opinion in medical matters, especially for significant procedures like surgeries.

Social media users have expressed outrage over the incident, calling for stricter regulations and oversight of healthcare facilities, especially in smaller communities where people may not have access to multiple healthcare options.

The Plateau State Police Command has yet to issue an official statement as the investigation is still ongoing.

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