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Fri, Aug 25, 2023 12:01 PM

Border Closure in Nigeria Disrupts Importation of Livestock and Food Items from Niger Republic

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Border Closure in Nigeria Disrupts Importation of Livestock and Food Items from Niger Republic
The closure of borders by Nigerian authorities as part of efforts to restore civil authority in Niger Republic has led to the grounding of importation of cattle, camel, sheep, dates, and other food items from Niger Republic. Traders, transporters, and middlemen have expressed their concern over the loss of livelihood, while retailers and consumers within Nigeria are experiencing scarcity and rising prices of these products.

The recent closure of borders by Nigerian authorities, as part of efforts to restore civil authority to Niger Republic following the coup that toppled President Mohamed Bazoum, has had a significant impact on the importation of livestock and food items from Niger to Nigeria. Cattle, camel, sheep, dates (locally known as Dabino), and other food items are among the products that are now unable to be brought into Nigeria through the land borders.

Traders, transporters, and middlemen involved in the importation business have expressed their concerns over the loss of their means of livelihood. The closure of the borders has disrupted their supply chains and impacted their ability to earn a living. The restriction of movement of goods has also resulted in a shortage of these products within Nigeria, leading to rising prices and scarcity.

Nigeria, with a population of over 200 million, heavily depends on imports from neighboring countries like Niger Republic to meet its demand for livestock and food items. According to Statista, Nigeria had around 21.16 million heads of live cattle as of 2021. However, a significant portion of the cattle and sheep consumed in Nigeria comes from Niger Republic.

The closure of the borders has affected several states in Nigeria that share a border with Niger Republic, including Sokoto, Kebbi, Katsina, Jigawa, Yobe, and Borno. In Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State, the supply of cows and other livestock has reduced by less than fifty per cent, according to the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) and local butchers. The reduced supply has also led to an increase in the prices of meat. For instance, a cow that used to be bought for N250,000 is now priced between N300,000 and N350,000.

In the dates market in Maiduguri, importers are facing difficulties due to the closure of Niger borders. Alhaji Hussaini Mai Dabino, Chairman of Dates Sellers in Maiduguri, revealed that he had four trucks loaded with dates worth millions of naira stuck in Niger due to the ongoing crisis. The closure of borders has also led to a scarcity of dates in the market and an increase in prices.

The situation is similar in other states like Kano, Jigawa, and Katsina, where livestock markets have been affected by the closure of borders. Livestock traders in Kano State are experiencing a decline in the trade of animals between Niger Republic and Nigeria. The Yan Awaki Livestock Market in Kano used to witness truckloads of animals in thousands every day, but now they receive them in hundreds instead. The closure of borders has also led to increased prices of commodities like livestock and textiles.

The closure of borders and the disruption of importation from Niger Republic is not only affecting the livelihood of traders and businesses involved in the importation process but also impacting retailers and consumers in Nigeria. The scarcity of livestock and food items has led to rising prices, making it difficult for consumers to afford these essential products.

As the border closure and the crisis in Niger Republic continue, it is important for all contending parties to re-think their strategies and find a resolution that minimizes the negative impact on the livelihoods of traders and the availability of essential products within Nigeria.

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