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Thu, Aug 31, 2023 11:00 PM

EDSIEC Reverses Movement Restriction for Edo Local Government Councils Election

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EDSIEC Reverses Movement Restriction for Edo Local Government Councils Election
The Edo State Independent Electoral Commission (EDSIEC) has decided to reverse the movement restriction previously imposed for the upcoming Local Government Councils election in the state. The chairman, Retired Justice James Oyomire, stated that the decision was made to prevent unnecessary hardship for the residents and emphasized that they wanted the election to be convenient for the people of Edo. This article discusses the Chairman's announcement, the deployment of ad hoc staff, and the accreditation process for the upcoming council election.

In a significant development, the Edo State Independent Electoral Commission (EDSIEC) has reversed the decision to restrict movement during the Local Government Councils election scheduled for Saturday. EDSIEC's chairman, Retired Justice James Oyomire, clarified that this decision was made to ensure that the residents of Edo do not face any unnecessary hardships while exercising their democratic right.

"We have looked at the issue again; the election is for the people of Edo, and we do not want to cause any hardship on them," stated Chairman Oyomire. "We are not restricting movement any longer, as we believe that those who will vote, will vote whether we lock down the state or not, and those who will not, will not. But I am pleading with the people of Edo to come out and cast their votes. I promise that their votes will count."

With the decision to revoke the movement restriction, residents of Edo State can freely commute without worrying about additional constraints on their daily activities during the election period. EDSIEC aims to make the voting process as convenient as possible, reinforcing the importance of citizens' participation in this exercise of democracy.

The announcement by EDSIEC's chairman also shed light on the preparation status for the council election. Non-sensitive materials have already arrived in all 18 Local Government Areas (LGAs) of the state, awaiting the arrival of stakeholders to initiate the loading of ballot papers. Chairman Oyomire expressed concern about the condition of the roads and urged all involved parties to ensure timely departures to avoid any delays.

For the smooth conduct of the council election, EDSIEC has deployed 9,548 ad hoc staff. Among them, 4,519 will serve as presiding officers, while another 4,519 will fulfill the role of poll clerks. Additionally, the staff includes 300 Supervisory Presiding Officers responsible for overseeing approximately 10 polling units. The remaining personnel consist of 192 Ward Collation Officers and 18 Local Government Returning Officers.

Regarding the accreditation process, Chairman Oyomire emphasized that it would be conducted manually. This approach is dictated by the existing law that established the commission, which only recognizes manual accreditation. Although the utilization of Biometric Voter Accreditation System (BVAS) would be beneficial, it is currently unavailable, and any incorporation of such technology would require an amendment to the existing law.

The upcoming Local Government Councils election in Edo State is set to be a crucial event, determining the local leadership in each area. With the movement restrictions lifted, the burden on the residents has eased, allowing them to comfortably exercise their democratic rights. It is imperative that the eligible voters of Edo State recognize this opportunity and actively participate in shaping the future of their respective communities.

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