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Son of Designer of Nigerian Flag Calls for State Burial and Immortalization of Father

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Son of Designer of Nigerian Flag Calls for State Burial and Immortalization of Father
Mr Akinkunmi Akinwumi Samuel, son of the late Pa Taiwo Akinkunmi, who designed the national flag of Nigeria, is calling for a state burial and the immortalization of his father. Samuel believes that his father's contribution to nation building warrants a befitting farewell and recognition from the government. He expressed disappointment that no structure has been named after his father, even though the government has honored other individuals who have not contributed as significantly to the country.

IBADAN - Mr Akinkunmi Akinwumi Samuel, the son of the late Pa Taiwo Akinkunmi, designer of the national flag, has called for the state burial of his father following his contribution to nation building. Mr Samuel also urged the federal government to immortalize his late father by naming a monumental structure after his name.

Daily Independent reporter who visited the residence of the late Pa Akinkunmi on Thursday at Kuola Estate Elebu Ibadan, the Capital City of Oyo state, met some sympathizers and members of the immediate and extended family who were mourning the demise of their father.

While speaking with a Daily Independent reporter, Samuel said, "There is no doubt I will miss my dad, I will miss his words of advice and his presence."

He further said, "Since he has designed the national flag, the government has not named any structure after him, not even a drainage, which is very bad."

"Meanwhile, the government has named some people that have not done so much for the country after some projects or after monumental structures in the country."

"I want my father to be immortalized, and we want a state burial for him. My father deserves a befitting state burial, and our door is open for any government assistance on this." Samuel said.

While addressing his siblings over the demise of their father, Samuel said, "My siblings should take heart and move forward in whatever we are doing. God will surely help us and continue to be with us."

It is evident that the late Pa Taiwo Akinkunmi made a significant contribution to Nigeria by designing the national flag, which has become an emblem of the nation's identity. The green, white, and green flag, with the national coat of arms in the center, represents the country's rich natural resources and the peace and unity of its people.

Despite the importance of this symbol, it is disheartening that the government has not honored Pa Akinkunmi's legacy by naming a structure or landmark after him. Other individuals who have contributed less to the nation have been recognized in this manner, which calls into question the government's priorities and appreciation for its heroes.

It is only fitting that Pa Taiwo Akinkunmi receives a state burial, befitting his status as a national figure. Such a gesture would not only show respect for his contribution to nation building but also serve as an inspiration to other young Nigerians to strive for excellence and make a difference in their country.

In addition to the state burial, immortalizing Pa Akinkunmi by naming a monumental structure after him would be a permanent reminder of his legacy. This could be a building, monument, or institution that symbolizes the values he stood for and the impact he made on Nigeria.

Furthermore, the government should consider establishing a scholarship or grant in Pa Akinkunmi's name to support young and talented individuals who are passionate about nation building. This would ensure that his impact continues to be felt for generations to come.

It is time for the government to rectify the oversight and honor the late Pa Taiwo Akinkunmi appropriately. By doing so, they will not only pay tribute to a national hero but also send a message of gratitude and recognition to all those who have dedicated their lives to the betterment of Nigeria.

Pa Akinkunmi's contribution to Nigeria's national identity is undeniable, and it is only right that his memory is preserved for future generations to appreciate and learn from.

Let us come together as a nation to honor our heroes and acknowledge the sacrifices they have made in shaping Nigeria's history and identity.

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