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Tue, Sep 5, 2023 9:10 PM

Nigerian Navy Intensifies Efforts to Tackle Oil Theft and Maritime Crimes

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Nigerian Navy Intensifies Efforts to Tackle Oil Theft and Maritime Crimes
The Chief of Naval Staff (CNS), Vice Adm. Emmanuel Ogalla, has reaffirmed the Nigerian Navy's commitment to combat oil theft and other maritime crimes. During the CNS 2023 Retreat in Abuja, he emphasized a zero-tolerance policy towards oil theft and urged naval personnel to educate their officers and ratings about this menace. The navy aims to cooperate with other military and security agencies to tackle all security threats effectively. The CNS outlined his vision and mission, emphasizing the need for a safe and secure maritime environment to encourage economic prosperity and national security.

The Chief of Naval Staff (CNS), Vice Adm. Emmanuel Ogalla, addressed the Nigerian Navy's determination to eliminate oil theft and other crimes in the nation's maritime domain during the CNS 2023 Retreat in Abuja.

Vice Adm. Ogalla emphasized a zero-tolerance policy towards oil theft, stating that any individual, including navy personnel, found involved in such illicit activities would face punishment in accordance with the law. He urged officers and ratings to educate themselves about the gravity of oil theft and its detrimental impact on the nation's economy.

To effectively combat oil theft and enhance maritime security, Vice Adm. Ogalla highlighted the importance of collaboration among the navy, sister services, armed forces, police, and other security agencies. By joining forces, they can collectively eliminate attempts to undermine the maritime domain's security.

As Nigeria's maritime security relies on the navy's ability to maintain law and order, Vice Adm. Ogalla stressed the significance of remaining above reproach, beyond question, and law-abiding. He emphasized the navy's core values and stated that Nigerians expect the navy to set an example as a commendable and reliable force.

Aligning with President Bola Tinubu's directive to address all security challenges, Vice Adm. Ogalla shared his vision and mission for the Nigerian Navy. He expressed his commitment to creating a highly motivated, professional, and ethical naval force capable of securing Nigeria's maritime area of interest.

Furthermore, he outlined his strategic end-state: establishing a safe and secured maritime environment in Nigeria and the Gulf of Guinea. This achievement would facilitate economic prosperity, national security, growth, and development.

The CNS highlighted the navy's accomplishments in recent years, including operational success, fleet recapitalization, infrastructure development, and human resource management. However, he acknowledged the evolving nature of threats in Nigeria's maritime domain and emphasized the need for continued transformation.

Vice Adm. Ogalla outlined his key priorities, which involve implementing the Nigerian Navy Strategic Plan 2021-2030. He also mentioned quick impact projects and conceptual initiatives to be completed and commissioned within his first 100 days in office.

Commanders within the navy were essential to the realization of these objectives. Vice Adm. Ogalla urged them to serve as role models, uphold discipline, set high conduct standards, and enforce rules consistently. Additionally, he encouraged commanders to enhance Civil-Military Cooperation and relations with civilians to gain their support in tackling security challenges.

Addressing concerns regarding personnel involvement in oil theft, Vice Adm. Ogalla dismissed the allegations; however, he reassured the public that any personnel found guilty of such crimes would not be spared from the consequences.

Recognizing the significance of personnel welfare, Vice Adm. Ogalla pledged to provide opportunities for job satisfaction, self-actualization, and reward hard work and dedication. He also assured that matters related to personnel accommodation, uniform items, and appointment/draft cycle were already being addressed.

The CNS 2023 Retreat offered participants the chance to evaluate the state of affairs within the navy and address security challenges that undermine national security and development. Rear Adm. Joseph Akpan highlighted the importance of frank discussions during the retreat to identify gaps and improve performance.

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